Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Plant a tree in SL, save the rainforest

This is a repost from my old post on April 20th. *Sigh* I just got around to buying my trees. *slaps my own hands* Better late than never...


I ran across an interesting article about a newly opened sim. SECOND CHANCE TREE ISLAND. The constant new ideas that our being brought into SL that affect RL issues astound me. Here’s the jist:

A Second life sim is celebrating Earth Day on April 22 by letting residents plant a virtual tree, and help preserve the world’s rainforests without ever leaving SL.

The Second Life Second Chance Trees Project, located on Second Chance Trees island opened one week ago, and gives residents the option to purchase one of ten rainforest trees in SL for the cost of L$300. For every one purchased in-world, Plant-It 2020 will plant a real tree in its native rainforest, bringing reforestation into the virtual world. The island also has information on the different trees and environments they live in while exploring the island and viewing the various multimedia presentations, helping to educate residents on these endangered areas as well as working to preserve them.

To read the full article by Diago Quaranta, visit SLNN.com. I will be getting one as well, if not a couple lil trees. :D Yay!


I planted three "Pink Shower" trees tonight for me & Hawks. GO PLANT SOME! It's fun & benefits RL rainforests. :D


Ginseng Kyong said...

I ran across an interesting talk about forests and SL.. the speaker was saying how it is great that SL has so many trees, but how they lack a real representation of the forest. Forests are a habitat of man animals, things like fallen branches provide shelter, etc. Green grass is not really seen in the forests. She was urging people to build more realistic forests... the presentation was a lot to think about.

Paull Young/LL Platypus said...

Thanks for your support, we're glad you like the island.

By the way, have you seen this machinima video from the island we posted yesterday? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_0IC7JElqY

We filmed it to promote our island being chosen as a finalist in the American Express Members Project. We're the only Second Life project in the final 50 and if we win we could plant millions of trees!

If you have an American Express Card you can vote for us here: http://www.membersproject.com/Environment_Wildlife/991