Monday, July 9, 2007

Every fight is a food fight when you’re a cannibal...

Soda Pawp!
Anywho, woke up this a.m. to a folder of skins. Oh my goodness graciousness! Free skin?! Hell Yesh! I was chosen by Charlotte Morellet to receive & give feedback on her ::Soda:: Allison Skins - Beta Test. Wuwu! Not sure why I was chosen exactly. According to the notecard "...have sent this folder to a small number of SL Fashionistas whose opinion I value enough to ask for help testing my new upcoming skin line." Fashionista? Newp that's not me, not anymore. I don't even blog for Fash Blogs. I know ya'll cannot possibly consider this or MGG2SL a Fash Blog, right? Anywho, I never pass up an opportunity to give my opinion, especially when it's asked for. :o

SLBloggers Business Meeting
Yup, we finally made it to one. Hooray! It's really great to sit at a table surrounded by greatness. I was completely star struck. Of course my AO tote makes me look like I have A.D.D or have to pee really bad. I don't think anyone really noticed so I didn't screw with it. :D So like things were talked about, stuff was decided & yada yada yada. I need to look at the transcripts cause I think the Fritos & Bean Dip made me forget stuffs. That's my excuse anyways or it coulda been Hawks cracking me up in Skype. Iunno.

Gamble Everything For Love...
Hawks & I may have taken time off from the JH Report but we did start on a music video. This idea popped in my head & it like really made sense and stuff. Those are the bestest brain farts. We started filming the music video tonight and I woulda tote been done slapping it together had we shot enough footage for the song. We'll try again tommorrow to get it done. We just ran out of time tonight. Only like a minute more or somethin, iunno. I'm tired & I think that's what it said. :p

To Buy or Not to Buy
So Annia, our neighbor in Mignon that faces our Wildmutt land, or we face her mayhaps, has decided to start selling off plots near our home. The one directly in front seems safe, for now anyways. That's the one if any that I would want us to own. It won't help us prim-wise being that it's not in the same sim but if buying it would preserve the waterfront view, I'm all for it. I am leary though since she hasn't posted any prices or set any of it for sale and we know that she paid a crazy stupid amount for it. She just has these pink boxes scattered with a notecard inside...
Annia Lands For Sale owned by Annia Dreier gave you 'Annia Lands For Sale' (SLURL) - "Hello, IM me if you want buy land in mignon sim or enzo sim too. Thanks"
So like anyone wanna be our neighbor? :p


Dreamer said...

can i b ur neighbour? :D


tiana meriman said...

i did notice your ao and i even thought about asking or cracking a joke about you looking like you needed to pee but since this was a serious meeting *cough* *cough* i didnt say anything but the whole time i really really was tempted to say it :P

Kaiti Jensen said...

Love the makeup on that skin! It's really pretty on you.
I've been searching SL for years for the perfect pink lips and there they are...hehe

Wrath said...

How about this take on the normal fashion blog review - - have Hawks review how the skin looks on you. ;-)

Oooh, I'm so gonna IM that person about buying some land - then I can put up ugly buildings and we can be fighting neighbours and have constant blog fodder for months!

(hehe, I said blog fodder)