Friday, July 13, 2007

She dreams in pink...

Happy Anny to us! Yay! Technically Friday the 13th is our Anny but yanno. Today was a fantabulous day! FARKING AMAZIN! Actually there is no adjective worthy enough. A big thank you to Scarlet Singer for a short notice photo session. She did some pics for me to add to my MG posts, as well as a pic of Hawks & I. She is the most talented artist & Queen of PS that I know. Biggest huggles!

I spent the morning trying to get the super squirrel secret surprise anny gift for Hawks done. I was thinking I had until Friday but nah didn't work out that way. So he got it only 86% done. :p Which is really not all that bad being that I had very little time to actually spend working on it. He also noticed that I ganked his mapping rights temporarily. :o

Since the blogpile land didn't pan out, I decided to get a 4096 sqm far away from Wildmutt. Kind of like our own secret hideaway. Besides the fact that we both fell in love with Barnes' Cubo house and really wanted to drop it on a waterfront plot. We don't have direct waterfront access in Wildmutt. The land I found was perfect and I was able to get the house placed right on the water.

The neighborhood is quiet, mature, and filled with loverly houses. Everything that had to do with the interior design is finished. I used mix & match furniture from Barnes. By that I mean I bought his stuff that was in other houses as well as the stuff displayed in the Cubo. (expect a furniture writeup)

The last part is the landscaping. Hawks & I had gone to a live venue the other day at a place called Rocky Shores and I loved the random rock formations surrounding the water. That's what I'd like to do around our little shore. After that it's all gravy. :D

All in all, even though the house wasn't completely finished the way I had hoped, I believe Hawks lovedededed it. We ended up spending most of the day there yesterday with only a trip to Tringo & the photo session.

I could say so much more but won't... :D So the end.

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