Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dearest Designers of Hair...

*sniffles & rubs her nose across her arm*

Dearest Designers of Hair...
What may I do to assist you in creating more hair for me? Can I be your muse? Help me, help you, help me. I understand that you live a busy & hectic slife. I can only imagine the demands put on you daily. I have needs and right about now I *needs* me some new hair. Okay so what, sculpties were a huge hair flop in my opinion, but that does not mean you have to completely take a vaca from hair making, does it?

*queues wavey flashback*
Ahhhhh remmy the days of new releases & how excited the masses were? Oh how we flocked to your shelves with big bright smiles, occasionally getting stepped on or pushed, but well worth the joyous hallelujahs for the new hair on your head smell. *inhales as if it were yesterday*

So here is my plea... please oh please say that you have something you have been sitting on or an idea that you're getting ready to set in motion? I'm jones'n for new hair. I have L and I'm not afraid to spend it. Where oh where can I spent my hard earned L and Rosie the L that she made on her back?

Yours Addictively Forever & For Always,
JellyBean (and Rosie)


Ann said...

Have you checked out Aden Breyer? I don't think there's any pink (the horror!), but maybe you could tint one of the lighter colors?

Wrath said...

ROFL!! Sheesh, poor Rosie, hehe.

Ann said...

Or this maybe?

Orchid said...

Kin has put out a few really cute short hairstyles (i bought like 5 yesterday alone)

Just a heads up .. and now I can't remember if she's got pink but I know you can tint it

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thanks for your suggestions.

Ann - I checked Arden out but wasn't a fan. I bought a couple & pinked them, I'm not sure if it's the tint or the bangs, but something ain't workin for me. As for the SiniStyle "Roodle" Hair, isn't that completely kick ass? I love Krius! He makes me happy everytime he releases something new.

Wrath - You know I *love* the Rosie. :p

Orchid - OMG! I bought 5 last night too. I <3 Kin