Thursday, July 19, 2007

Through my window...

It's time I finally blog something. I blogged before that our neighbor was selling her land. We tried to persuade friends to buy it but sadly none of them had much of a chance before Zurixon Yamauba & Pop1280 Saule got it. Annia Dreier is still a huge owner in the land, owning much of the groups that now inhabit the land she had for sale. She was nice enough to terraform the land to water directly in front of us. Just across that water now though is one ugly club.

It could be worse, it could be a casino. This is pretty crappy though. I have thought about turning down draw distance (you can see it even at 100 dd) but bah, I shouldn't have to. Yesterday my computer was given brand spanking new 2.50 GB of RAM and is so farking bad ass now. *licks her computer* So turning down my draw would be so defeating the purpose of building up my SL computer and I'd probably still see the club. To quote Aka, "Akasha Nyak: blingtard city over there". Pretty much, yup.

They have every right to do whatever they want with the land, even if that includes building the laggiest, crappiest, ugliest club ever. That should be of no concern to me. What does concern me is them wandering over from crapptastic club Calamaro Planet onto our land. This morning when I logged in all of our "hidden" balls were showing & there was a couple making out on our porch. Uhh Hello?! This is no flop house, well okay, it's not a flop house for them! Aka & Rosie are diff, I like to watch. lol. I thought about it long & hard before I decided to make our land group access only. Okay it didn't take all that long really because within minutes of ejecting & banning the couple, another one appeared.

*Sigh* I hate ban lines but I tried to explain to the land owners that we're on 2 different sims, and this is our private home, not a business, there should be no reason for their club patrons to come over here for quiet alone time. There's still that language barrier, let's hope she understands. After speaking to her, all I got was "Annia Dreier: jjaja, rigttt jelly". So mayhaps instead of dealing with her, I can get diplomatic Hawks to do it? Mwah Babe.


Wrath said...

:-( That is a sad story, JB. But you know, SL is just like that, sometimes. Who knows, in a week, it might all change for the better, that happens often, as well.

There is a huge plot of land in the middle of my sim for sale which I just don't think I can (or want) to grab and my feeling is that it will very soon end up as a club or ugly casino or mall or something, it just looks that tempting.

At least your new club neighbour is on a diff sim. :-)

Good luck keeping the diplomatic lines of communication open! (Go Hawks!)

tiana meriman said...

wow that really sucks :( its bad enough that you have an ugly club near you but having people come in your house is really worst.

i'm looking for new land right now because my neighbours decided to wall me in on my land so if theres ever a land next to you that comes up available please send me an im so i can take a look at it. i promise to build something nice ^^

Alex Burgess said...

Bleh. On the other hand--it can provide for entertainment and good blogging. ;-) In Topgol, we often just shoot them.

Zurixon Yamauba said...

The only ugly thing i see here is your taste. I see you are fascist enough to talk about your neighbours like animals just because they speak spanish language.
In the other hand I´d like to thank you about the pictures, because they show the club is not so ugly like you talk.
Anyway I´m happy because i saw you go away, I dont like people like you near to us.

Alex Burgess said...

/me starts makin' popcorn.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Lmao Alex...
I *was* going to do the whole childish "I WAS THERE FIRST!!!" thing or point out that I did not make fun of them speaking another language, or even defend my right to believe the club was & is UGLY! But that is old Jelly, new Jelly doesn't give a shit. :D

Zurixon Yamauba said...

Yes, is the best thing you can do, furthermore when you dont have nothing intelligent to say.
New topyc would be a great decision. ;)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Please re-read the post and please realize this is mine & Hawks' blog. I can understand you taking offense to me calling your club ugly... I get it, I don't like the build, you do. Freedom of speech as well as freedom to express an opinion is a wonderful thing. I chose to leave Wildmutt so I didn't have to look at it or deal with your patrons wandering over to my land. You wouldn't like it if you logged in to your home with strangers using your stuff. This post was a far cry from me being mean. If you have something important to say IM me or get your own damn blog. No one is forcing you to read *my* thoughts on *my* blog.

Alex Burgess said...

mmmm... extra butter and salt!

If I don't keep my mouth full I'll say something I might regret.

Akasha =^.^= said...

*sits down next to alex and looks at the popcorn* Share?

It is best to keeps one's mouth shut and just watch. Jelly is funny when she actually gets going. LOL

Laylah said...

"[...]when you dont have nothing intelligent to say."

Hahaha! Boy, you're a smart one! Not only do you have horrible taste in builds, a big mouth, rowdy disrespectful patrons, and a bad disposition BUT you also have problems with GRAMMAH! What a winner. I bet your mother is so proud.

Before you insult someone's intelligence you should set up the spell-check and get out the elementary school English books.

You could do a hell of alot worse then having Jelly and her beautiful build as a neighbor. She has more style and taste in her little toe than you do in your WHOLE SIM.

You disgust me. Take that ugly shit to a business sim. The place near Jelly's was obviously residential - did you honestly think that monstrosity would fit in? THINK ABOUT IT.

How fucking dare you come onto her blog and spew this nonsense? Have you no shame? Get your own god damned blog, no one wants you here - just like no one wants you in SL.

In closing, take your UGLY club, your trashy patrons, and your snooty attitude SOMEWHERE ELSE. Preferably to another game. I hear Red Light District is still running.

Thank you.

Also, I love you Jelly.

Alex Burgess said...

*passes the popcorn to Akasha

"See? I knew this was gonna be good. Now one of the other characters has made her entrance with real style and kicked the shit out of the evil baddie. Will he have the sense to stay down and just slink away? Or will he get back up and open his mouth?"