Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Amusement Park THERE! *points*

Omg! I so have to share this video... this must of been where everyone was in THERE yesterday when I went. Rofl! The last part (the credits) cracked me up. This was awesome Aaron94! Your cam angles left me in awe and the interviews were CLASSIC!
"Me and my balloon go everywhere together..." "I hope it doesn't pop."


Jungle Jewell said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I recently tried installing There, but can only get it working under my admin acct, not my user acct. But when I got it working while on admin, it ran a LOT better than SL on my pc. Too bad I still stink at There, and can't figure out how to run it from my user acct. Seems like fun 8^)

Adec Alexandria said...

..arent the speech bubbles a bit annoying? ..they look it if you're trying to follow a multi conversation :s .. or maybes my brain just ain't that quickkkk :)

Aaron94 said...

Hey... Well I'm WAY late on this post but thanks for posting it, you got me a lot of views! lmao, love the blog... I run SL as well and it runs Okay but not as well as There.com (There was a lot of lag in it at the time due to the large crowd and for being on my "old" PC.

- Aaron94 (PyroPictures)