Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Tell me something I can't get from a blog..."

Have you ever gotten to the point that you point people to your blog when they ask whats been going on? I realize that in my non-Hawks time I blog a lot but do I blog everything? Am I hiding stuffs? :o *gasp* Not Jelly, no, no , no. Pshaw! I'm shocked!
On to current events...

Laylah "Bewbs" FINALLY gets new boots.
Yes, you heard it here first folks. Haha! I'm sure if it wasn't for Wrath's unexpected absence I would have totally been scooped by The Inside Scoop®. Luckily for me I got the story first. Though we did find her Shiny Things Old Lace Up Boots fashionable for awhile, they did begin to stink and I suspect that there was fromunda cheese growing in between her toes. Everyone can finally take a deep breath (literally) now to know that she has bought FORM Klunks.

WeatherSystem 1.20
I'm not a huge fan, or err, a fan at all of the Collection Damani pre-fabs because the alphas drive me up the farking wall. However the man (Damanios Thetan) is a bleepin genius. After Hawks wrote his 101 Ways to Woo, I thought "Wow time to step up my game" in case he plans on whipping any of those out soon. Wooage retaliation tactics. Check! Check! We've already discussed setting the mood with music, but what about weather? Who doesn't love a little Metisse - Boom Boom Ba with some local lighting while the rain slides slowly down the window glass? Eep! Lost myself for a second. (song at bottom). Sl doesn't give us choice (yet) so let me introduce you to damani FX - WeatherSystem. Ever wanted to experience a heavy thunderstorm at night in SL, or that slight drizzle of a lonely day. With the WeatherSystem, you can. Offering rain, snow, thunder & lightning, you now control the weather. Check it out - it's well worth the L.
Damania - prefabs, cats, cars & more

Hot Spots for Bored Moments
If you haven't heard about it yet, you've been living under a rock. It's been a few months since I first blogged about Epic Conditions Surf in the Weather Channel sims (Epic Conditions Surf, Ski, & Bike). I went back the other day & found it to be an even more awesome experience. It seems the hype has died, and there's no more fighting for waves. There was only one other girl in the line up with me and as always the surf kept pounding us & giving us the epic wave conditions we came for. The surfboards are free on the beach. You just drop, hop on & goooo. Paddle, paddle, duck, paddle, sit, paddle, ride! See? Easy peasy!

Next is the new Straylight sim. It's a strikingly beautiful botanical sim filled with sculpted trees and water by Kriss Lehmann (3D Sculpted prim designer) that created these gorgeous trees with prim/particle foliage. When you go, be sure to stop & see the sculpted water. Not all of the water is sculpted but the streams that are, are extraordinary. I've seen some great sims but this one has definitely made it into my top 5. Unfortunately the sim is no build so you cannot plan a romantical picnic under one of it's many shaded areas. The silver lining to that dark cloud is the fact that all the trees, lighting & water are for sale. All you have to do is follow the paths to the center of the sim. You can take some home & build your own botanical romantical atmosphere. Oh yes, and take caution, a lot of the mainstream designers are running around like elves, fairies & half furries there at the moment. Please don't poke the nature folk.

Wildmutt - How YOU doin?
We've sold 6,798 square meters. Yay us! Sadly we still have 17232 square meters still left to sell until we can move to our new dream land. Wish us Gluck!

That's all I have for now... PUSH PLAY! Kisses!


Wrath said...

OMG I cannot believe you scooped me on the new Laylah boots!!

Actually, we at The Inside Scoop® thought EVERYone was aware when Laylah finally retired the old ones, hehe, it was that noticeable. ;-)

Oh man, I LOVE those weather systems in SL! I've only seen the thunderstorm in action, but it was soooo nice! But was like L$5000 and I'd have to win the SL Bloggers logo design contest to afford it. :-(

Wow, when they have a yard sale in Wildmutt, they mean it literally, huh?

Good luck with the land sale!! :-)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Wrath the weather system is 1500L :p not 5000L but def get to work on that logo, I wanna be sporting it on the sidebar here soon. :)

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