Sunday, August 19, 2007


So, Jelly and I have been having lots and lots and lots of convo's on friendship over the last couple of weeks. We have been picking up some new friends and walking from some old friends. Bits and pieces have dribbled through the blog, but in a nutshell the discussion hinges on how do you really define friendship? At what point do you walk from someone who you have previously defined as a friend, how do you evaluate new friends, how do you manage your friends list in SL, etc etc...

So here is my philosophy on friendship:

My friends typically HAVE to be: honest, genuine, and trustworthy. If I feel any of those are lacking then I cannot remain friends with them. Then once you get past the core values, I reach the next layer of things that draw me to people. These are traits like: sense of humour, creativity, passion, spunk, drive, intelligence, compassion, and compatability of interests.

Throughout my life I have tended to keep very tight close friendships of maybe 3-4 people, and then I have a slightly wider network of maybe 15 that I would call friends. I actually manage my SL list this way, I routinely go through and trim it back. I have 25 people on there atm (counting Jell plus all her alts as only 1…lol). I have over 75 contact cards though, so over time I have cut about 50 people.

Most often I cut people, just because we fall out of contact and I don’t really run in their circle anymore. Sometimes, I have had to cut because of people exhibiting signs of craziness or drama inducing issues, which I don’t want to get near. A few haven’t measured up to my level of trustworthiness, which although unfortunate is not a choice that I made for them.

Am I a good friend? I hope so… I really do. I am normally very easy to get along with, and I enjoy having a good time. I am someone who you can always ask for help, or who is there to lend an ear if you just want to vent. At the end of the day it is my friends who can truly answer that question. I am who I am, and I have made some really big mistakes in the past, but I am trying to make every day better than the last one.


Gillian Waldman said...

Here's why I am a sucky friend today #1: My inventory wouldn't load and I was Ruth while at a fashion show where I had the pleasure of crashing and getting locked out - as a result, my super high fashion wonder woman outfit was not available to me. Would the cool bloggers have ousted this ickle fashion blogger?

I'm sorry! Please don't cut my card lol

HawksRock said...

You are soooooooo gone! But I really enjoyed the little bit of time that I knew you. You missed a kicking party, we had a lot of fun. :) Not sure how the Hall of Justice got by without WonderWoman, but there is always next time... j/k we still luv ya Gillian!