Saturday, August 18, 2007

Unloveable Me...

I suppose I should blog stuff. I really haven't blogged anything of substance for a couple days. As for yesterday, I finally found my swimsuit, went to waterpark, thought I was being *cute* (apparently it came off as 'unloveable'), came home sunburned, aloe'd up, watched V is for Vendetta with Hawks, tucked him in, finished up the Red vs. Blue series, played Tank Girl and went to bed. Wow! My life is so thrilling. :p Whodathunk?

Exploring... makes me... kinda... hawt!
Hawks & I explored a lot of places today... We started with The Great Fissure which is the third sim addition to the Wastelands. We also explored Midian City, Apocalypse and Toxia. Mostly what are referred to as "Dark RP" sims are what we hit today and uhhhh... yuh. Dark RP is kinda hawt. So we didn't really rp or anything, but jeepers! The sim builders really knew how to strategically place pose balls. Bow chicka bow wow! *winks* I'm not going to do a full write up on them since I gotta leave 'something' for Hawks to blog about. :p

I Love Movies!
Yesterday Hawks & I watched V is for Vendetta together. I had never seen it before. That seems to be our pattern, we share movies with each other that at the other hasn't seen. I think we're pretty caught up now & can start watching *newer* movies together. I thought after Hawks & I watched Napoleon Dynamite together, that he'd never suggest another movie to me again. Haha! I am so glad he did though. I loved V, Omg, so much! It had everything I love in a movie... theatrics, poetry, a love story, suspense, explosions and great twists. I thought it was a very powerful movie and would watch it again & again. :D Thanks Babe.

Tank Girl!
Hawks had never seen Tank Girl! *gasps* We remedied that today. I thought for sure he'd hate it because it's definitely very different than last night's movie. It's uber cheesy but one of my favs. He watched it though & that's what matters most. :)

Hall of Bloggity Justice...
Tomorrow is the monthly Blogger Party at 4p.m. SLT. The theme is super heroes but I'm sure a super villain will be okay as well. Hawks & I are hosting it this month at our new home. Akasha built the bestest Hall of Justice just for the party. We so love her. Anywho I hope all ya'll can make it & enjoy our dj line up. :D
Alexander Burgess 400-430
Wrath Paine 430-500
HawksRock Gunawan 500-530
DesertWolf Longstaff 530-600
and I'll go on after that if the party runs later. Being that Myg is looking for some naked Tringo action, I'm sure it'll be arranged. :p

Well that's all folks :)

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