Tuesday, August 21, 2007


For ya'll that needed it to understand me :p Not all of them are *my* words from my lil mind but I use em.

Mayhapsibly: maybe, perhaps, possibly.

Tote: totally, total.

Arvo: afternoon.

Reship: relationship.

O'fit: outfit.

Ur: your, you're.

Sok: it's ok.

Soz: so sorry.

Jellyous: jealous.

Tmlw: too much like work.

Twitterpatted: freaky love birds.

Secks: sex.

Roxor: anything good and/or to your liking.

Kawaii: pretty, cute, lovely, charming, dear, darling, pet.

Nooblet: a new player in SL.

SPE: Some Place Else

Sluts: nooblets that text rape others with their sexual obnoxiousness.

FIC: Feted Inner Cornnuts

Cool Kids: just under the radar of FIC, but still making more L than you & looking good doing it.

BK Skanks: self-proclaimed cheap dates that adore Burger King and can tell a good Whopper when they see one.

Remmy: remember

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

Invey: inventory

It's not good, It's Jelly Good!


Alex Burgess said...

Hhahahahahah BK Skanks hahahahahahha you been following me around?:\ :P

How about "prolly" for "probably"?

And for some reason I thought FIC was "fetid inner corpse."

Gillian Waldman said...

Thankfully Kitty Boy passed me this Jellictionary on your rezday so I could translate when needed. Now of course, I use all these concoctions constantly - and so does Blue Hair!!!

tiana meriman said...

well i havent heard all of them yet but i'm glad to know these for when you them. there some i would never had guess XD

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Alex -
Lmao I never use "prolly", I use "prob" or "most hapsibly". FIC could so work with that.

Gillian -
That was his Xmas pressie from me last year. Rofl! I'm so cheap.

Tiana -
Give it time, you'll hear them all. Btw, Rosie is my BK Skank :p

Dinee Ghia said...

LOL you know Jelly.... I thought I could hear the wheels turning in your had when I mentioned a Jelly Dictionary the other night
Now that you've stared it.. lets hear more!

Alex.. its me that uses prolly

Blogger said...

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