Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Emo Romance

Geniffer Cordeaux: welcome to the jellybean zone.... doodooo doodoo doadodaodooo
JellyBean Madison: lol
JellyBean Madison: Did u see Canimal's new release?
JellyBean Madison: HOLY SHIT! I so creamed!!!
Geniffer Cordeaux: rofl
Geniffer Cordeaux: my mouth droolled like :P~~~~~
JellyBean Madison: I had to call a janitor from uber wetness overkill
JellyBean Madison: he's still fucking mopping
Geniffer Cordeaux: rofl

I was only able to buy the Canimal - Lady of Sorrows - white (the short skirt behind a longer one) but so intend on getting the whole farking thing as soon as I can. The mix & match possibilities are endless. The huge fatty mcfat pack is 3k btw.

New at Canimal! GET IT!


theshadow said...

I saw the announcement and I think my mind went numb as it raced to figure out how much cash I had in the bank... I even repeated it outloud to everyone around me, but no one seemed nearly as interested as me... <_<

Alexander Burgess said...

Holy shit, I can't believe you used the word "mcfat." This has been part of my vocab for, ahem, a number of years. Here's where I got it:

Very Large American GI with booming voice in Germany at a McDonalds: "Hello there fraulein!"

Bored German Mickey D's employee: "Hello."

GI: "Let's see, I'll have the McFat and some Pum Frights."

Fraulein: ". . ."