Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's in a name?

I did say I was blog surfing, right? :D One I check almost as numerous as I blog is M is for Myg. She proposes the question "What's in your name?" So here's my response...

I started out my virtual gaming in Ultima Online as Queen Kimberlee & often used the handle of "froggypersona". Awhile later I joined The Sims Online and played as "Ashlee Marie". I spent almost a year in TSO, and became a dj there with Liquid Dreams. The toughest thing was picking a DJ name. The phrase "Ya know what I mean jellybean" was constant in my sim life because of El Mariachi who said it to me constantly. So no really exciting story there, like I got one stuck up my nose or I'm a jellybean fan. In fact I hate jellybeans, seriously they rank up there with candy corn in my book. *starts the "More You Know" music*

I followed another Liquid Dreams dj to SecondLife and figured the name JellyBean would carry over but then I had to choose a last name. I freaked out as I went through the list of available names over & over. Finally I decided on "Madison" because it reminded me of sweetness like Dolly Madison® snack cakes. So a candy name like JellyBean with Madison - it was sweetness overload... and ya'll know I'm like super sweet, right? :p

Now with voice in SL and me being able to use it... I keep hearing "Wow Jell, you sound just like your name says you would." Is that a compliment or am I gonna have to choke a betch?

The End

P.s. Hey Wrath - "JellyBean" is pronounced "Your (yoor, yawr, yohr) Highness (hahy-nis)"... haha


Wrath said...

oooh, and you just know I am so all about the pronunciation, yawr high-knee. heh! ;-)

Oh, and you totally sound like your name - sweet! Dude. Sweet! Or something. I mean, no, seriously, it's in my Top 10 list of favourite SL voices so far.

Yes, I have a list. I have many lists. So?

myg said...

JB gives good voice, I think. She should get paid to be an on-net personality!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

HAHAHAHA *chokes on coffee* I will so give you good voice Myg. *winks*

Ana Lutetia said...

Nothing peculiar and no story behind my name... It's my name (really). :)