Monday, August 6, 2007

Wildmutt For Sale

I broke down and had Aka section some off as well as listed it on the forum. We were so happy there too but I NEED WATER SPORTS! :D
Wildmutt (PG) - Mainland For Sale


Dreamer said...

i hear there's gold buried in them there hills!!! :P

Buckaroo Mu said...

Just found your blog, neighbor - and boy, I'm going to be sorry to see you go - you've been good neighbors, and I fear for Wildmutt's quiet atmosphere with all that land going up for sale. Things have been looking so up since that bastard "Truth Paragon" (what a lie!) finally decided it wasn't worth fighting me. My only consolation (and I hate to wish this on you) is that with the current Land Glut, you'll probably have a hard time selling, and the land will sit quiet like the other three large parcels that have been for sale in Wildmutt for the last, what, 4 months? Of course, you've got one guy trying to sell for almost L$19/m2, and the other still trying to get L$13/m2, in a market where people are happy to sell for L$10/m2. Wish I had the extra tier, I'd take it off your hands :>

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Awwww Buckaroo, I have to say you are one of my favoritest neighbors. If it wasn't for the stupid people in Mignon, we would have stayed but they've pretty much won. They blocked our water view with the awful club build & thank goodness they've bought our plots close to them. Now I won't feel bad when the new person moves in. Our hillside garden is so prettiful, I'm hoping the charm sells it. :)