Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grinspoon - Lost Control

Hey thanks to all ya'll that came & helped today! You so completely rock! Okay so after editing, cutting, pasting, uploading, Hawks' opinion, and uploading again... I'm done! Yay! Here ya go. Enjoy!

Grinspoon - Lost Control from JellyBean Madison and Vimeo.
P.s. Thank you Dreamer for the vid idea and special thanks to Sally for sim usage. :D *huggles*

YouTube Link


tiana meriman said...

aawwhh i hate so much that i missed this :( stupid work! its an awsome video i loved it! you did a great job on this one ^^

p.s. will we get to see any bloopers?

Dreamer said...

absotively brilliant Jell! + everyone else involved! couldn't have imagined it any better. :D

so wot next HawksRockGod?? :P hmmmm??!??

Gillian Waldman said...

It came out amazingly well. None of us even knew you were filming lol. Love it!

Shenandoah Saintlouis said...

It was fun making the vid. and it turned out great! You guys rawk!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Tiana - :'( You so have to be in the next one. :D I don't have any funny bloopers unless you consider me forgetting to turn UI off. Rofl

Awwww thanks all of you. I really appreciate the help. It wouldn't have been what it is without all of you. Hawks & I were so impressed with the turn out. It was great!

Alyssum Therian said...

So cute! Great job!