Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is that all you got?

I have two prized possessions in SL - one being Hawks & the other being my Starax wand. I know I've talked about my wand numerous times. Rofl Don't worry I'm not going all into the logistics of my love of Starax, the wand, or conspiracy theories.

Instead we're talking about the smell of freshly fired ammo, bullets whizzing by your head, smoke clouding your eyes, the sounds of your own heart beating as you're pumped with adrenaline - basically TANK WARS! The tanks are standard Starax wand issue and can be dropped virtually anywhere for you & your friends to share. Sadly, you have to know someone with a wand to play as you can no longer acquire a wand of your own. I prefer tank wars in a flat sim or somewhere with wide open spaces & NO sim crossing.

Recently some friends of Hawks & I purchased an island sim. Yesterday we went to check it out. The first thing I thought was Dominus! Hawks whipped his out & I whipped out my Ragnarok 07. We played for a bit & then Hawks remmied - TANKS! Oy vey! He's so brilliant! It wasn't long before we decided to invite others. More tanks, more battling. I, of course got blown out of my tank more times than I'd like to own up to.

Hawks is a fierce fighter, he is. After being ejected from my tank over & over and watching him leave dazed & confuzzled people in his wake, I let out a sigh. Will anyone ever take Hawks out? That's a challenge I'd bet on - oops I mean - nm Shup LL! After battle after battle I watched Hawks & Lance go at it. The battles grew longer & they raced from sim edge to sim edge, round & round the mound... and in the very last battle - LANCE BLEW HAWKS UP!

Sorry baby I had to add that. :p

I'm sure soon our friends will begin building on their sim, but the next time we have Tank Wars, be afraid, very afraid... we may tp you. :p


tiana meriman said...

that looks like so much fun! i wanna play! i wanna play!

Zoe Connolly said...

Oooooo! Me too! Me too!