Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bleh Ack Yuck Achoooo

This honestly hasn't been my week. I'm currently fighting a sinus infection from hell! It's my own fault, I get sick, I let it go, I get sick again just a touch sicker than last time, then BOOM full blown sinus infection. Well today I fight back with Captain Antibiotics! Wuwu!

Anywho here's my update before I head out the door...

My Puter
Today it comes home & that makes me extremely happy! I can't wait to love it & hug it. They said my two memory sticks were bad. :'( Boo to that, I had kick ass mondo memory. I'll survive until I can replace em.

Aka is MIA, as usual lately. Our schedules don't mesh well. We acquired our new land yesterday & it's ready for building. We just gotta get that elusive Aka over there first. :)

Tiny Empires
I'll write a full update later, I promise. I'm just not finding the time to go through everything right now.

Okay off to acute care. Mwah *thru a surgical mask, of course*

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