Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not the JellyBean Jellie Bean

JellyBean, Jellie Bean Grim Baby & Grim Misfit

I saw on Snapzilla a picture taken by Nimil Blackflag of the new Jellie Bean Grim Baby available at Grim Babies. Grim Misfit was there too. Contrary to what any one may think. This doll was not based on me. Grim made this baby for his daughter. She designed it & the profits 100% go to her cheerleading squad. How sweet! As a cheer mum too, I say go buy the damn doll. kkthnx

Here's the notecard:
::Grim Babies:: Jellie Bean

Jellie is a donation Babie, 100% of all her profits go to Grim’s daughters cheerleading fund. Her hair was donated by Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties. She is selling a matching hair style for any of you that would like to look like your Babie, or just want really cool hair.

Shake em, Shake em!
Kick em over there!
Grim Babies! Grim Babies!
Throw them down the stairs!

You start with one,
Then buy a few more,
Sooner or later,
They cover your floor!

Shake em, Shake em!
Kick em in the butts!
Grim Babies, Grim Babies, were all nuts!

NOTE: ::Grim Babies:: are TOYS not children. Abusing prims is funny abusing kids is not!

Please note that ::Grim Babies:: take no responsibility for actual, mental or emotional distress caused by their orphans.

What is a ::Grim Babie:: ? It’s a fun toy. It's an accessory. It is not however ment to fulfill or meant to satisfy anyone’s need for a child. These are JUST for fun. Each Babie comes with his or her own story, and HUD so that you may better play with your new toy. ::Grim Babies:: have text that say they eat, play, sleep, poop, love, and burp. This is only text, ::Grim Babies:: do not actually do any of these things. With your HUD you may feed, change, burp, play with, cuddle, kick, slap and put to bed, your prim.
::Grim Babies:: have a Babie cry installed in them and can be rather annoying if left unattended, if this should happen in a public setting, other people may click your ::Grim Babie:: and slap you, or kill your Babie, this only kills the script that tells the screaming to happen. If you click on you’re ::Grim Babie:: you can reset it and you can play again :D

::Grim Babies:: are only sold a limited time for each series, and there is a NO refund No Exception policy. So please choose wisely. If you should have issue with your Babie script, we are happy to look into the problem.

Thank you for choosing ::Grim Babies:: for your entertainment needs.
::Grim Babies::
Grim Misfit and Bobo Boxer

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