Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Heroes - 2.2 Lizards Recap

Grawr! I miss my puter. Anywho - This week's recap is semi-borrowed from different sources due to lack of *my* puter and the crappy one I'm on. I can't rewatch the episode & write on here. Jinkies! I was so wow! over this episode. Much better than the first of the season last week in my honest opinion. Okie dokie pokies, buckle up & away we go...

Peter rediscovers himself.
Peter, who doesn’t remember his identity, finds himself in the back room of a bar, captured by the Irish mob who found him. While bound with thick ropes around his wrist, Peter gets interrogated by Blacky, the gang leader, about the smuggled IPods that was supposed to be in the cargo Peter was caged in. When Peter insisted that he didn’t remember anything, one of the ‘quid’ punches him and he bleeds. They beat him demanding info, but yet never notice that he heals or doesn't seem too hurt. Der!

Caitlin, Blacky’s sister, later comes to wipe the blood off his face and warns Peter that he has to remember something otherwise there’s going to be more trouble. As she was cleaning Peter’s face, Caitlin finds blood on this face but no traces of wounds anywhere on him.
Peter tries to escape from the ropes that bound his wrist and without even realizing it, he phases loose. He was about to leave the bar when he overhears Caitlin being assaulted by two men. Out of instinct, Peter uses his rediscovered electromagnetic pulse and telekinetic abilities to throw the two thugs unconscious.

Blacky comes back to the bar and warns Peter he has just opened a blood war by beating the rival boss’s son. So Peter arrogantly says he just might as well beat all of them too, but Blacky stops him short by showing him a box, which he alludes are Peter’s identity papers. Peter even calls him by his name, and tells Peter to help them with another job and the box is his.

The ‘legendary’ Takezo Kensei.
Hiro finds a drunken Takezo and shoves him into a watering hole to sober him up. He insists that the mercenary become a hero and rescue Yaeko, the swordsmith’s daughter, to fulfill his destiny in history. Hiro is also afraid that his presence in ancient Japan may have changed history. But when Takezo passes out, Hiro realizes he must write history himself. He puts on Takezo’s armor and goes after the girl. He finds Yaeko fighting a group of bandits, and Takezo (/Hiro) ‘magically’ removes their weapons and wins the “The battle of the twelve swords”. Takezo-Hiro brings her to a field of cherry blossom trees and tell her that Takezo’s love for her will be the stuff of legends. Then he disappears. OMG! This was so awesome. Call me mushy but OMG! It was so romantical. *swoons*

Hiro goes back and reports to Takezo that he has just defeated bandits and rescued the future princess Yaeko. She comes rushing in and gushes thanks for rescuing her, giving her father’s sword back. Takezo is convinced that listening to Hiro mumble about being heroic might just get him more money and this girl. Suddenly, the bandits come back and they shoot Takezo with arrows to his chest. He falls and dies and Hiro was devastated. What shocked him more was seeing that Takezo’s wounds were healing and the legend comes back to life. So he has healing powers like Claire too? Hmmm! How the hell does that tie in & did he know he was capable of this before? You guys were so dead on with him being his own hero! Hoo! Awesome! I feel so naive that I didn't catch it sooner. :p

Matt crosses paths with the symbol-bearers.
Matt Parkman interviews Ando Masahashi about Kaito’s death from the rooftop of the Deveaux mansion. He also asks about Kaito’s photo with the strange symbol. On the photo is a fingerprint that matches Angela Petrelli so the new NYPD detective brings her in for questioning.
Angela Petrelli denies knowing anything about Kaito’s death, but admits that the symbol on his picture is that of a logo in her husband’s lawfirm (Really? Well, this is news to me). Matt gets into her head to hear that someone wants revenge for what they (Angela and Kaito) have done. When he presses her for more information about this revenge, she replies to him in her thoughts to get out of her head.

Nathan appears to get his mom out of the prison and Matt says sorry for Peter’s death. Suddenly, they hear Angela screaming and thrashing wildly in the interrogation room, no one else around her. With her face cut and bruised, Matt asks her who did it, and sees in her hand her picture marked with the same symbol as Kaito’s. Ooooo! Could this be Molly's Big Badder Boogie man?

Maya and Alejandro’s mutual survival.
Maya and Alejandro get in touch with an older woman (old friend of the family, I asume) who helps people cross the border into America. While resting, the twins meet a fortune teller who sees that Maya has a new illness where black comes out of her. Frightened, the woman calls her cursed enough to kill the devil and refuses to cross with them.

Later that night, their kind host brings the twins escape to a tunnel that goes under the river in the Mexican border. Alejandro gets left behind when police turn up patrolling the area. Maya panics and calls out her brother’s name. A few seconds after being separated from her twin, Maya is alarmed and black liquid runs out of her eyes. The woman with her gets infected by her power and immediately dies. Alejandro catches up and takes her sister’s hand and he mumbles some verse or prayer. Her eyes begin clearing up and her powers gets transfered to him. He absorbs the effects of the power and he weakens. The older woman is revived back to life. Scared that the twins are evil, she runs away from the two. My guess is that Maya's power is dark & Alejandro's power is cleansing. I mean they're twins, it only makes sense to have one be a positive while the other is a negative. Doesn't it?

A new Isaac painting.
Claire’s mom, now in the know about her daughter’s talents and her husband’s previous job, shows Noah an obit of Kaito Nakamura. Noah admits he expected this and shows a painting predicting what will happen to Kaito. But seven more paintings are missing.

Mohinder’s first assignment as a cure.
Mohinder gets an assignment from the company to locate a Haitian who has the same viral sickness/symptoms as his sister and Molly. When Mohinder reaches Haiti, the sick man he was looking for turns out to be the quiet Haitian. The haitian consents to the cure and his viral load immediately decreases. Mohinder is encouraged by this progress and says he wants to study the Haitian further in the lab of the company he’s working for. The word “company” makes the Haitian suspicious and erases the scientist’s memory of the encounter.

When Mohinder comes to, he’s back in his office, confronted by Bob about their patient. But the Indian doctor has already lost his memory, another proof that the cure, his refined blood serum, is truly working.

Later that night, Mohinder gets a call from Noah Bennet. Their plan is working and Noah assures Mohinder he will find the paintings they are looking for. He has what he needs, Noah adds, and smiles as the Haitian walks in the door. Wuwu!

Regenerate: To be or not to be
Claire’s biology class discusses how lizards are capable of cellular regeneration. Intrigued, she asks the teacher if humans are capable of the same too, and that theoretically, people with these abilities might help give a limb or organ to someone who needs them.

West is impressed by Claire’s intellectual question, and tells her after class about a new book he read on these kinds of special people. But she brushes him away and finds her new car had gotten stolen.

That night, Claire got more curious about the regenerative abilites of lizards and decides to cut her pinky toe off (Did that gross anyone else out?). To her surprise, it grew back! West, who was watching unseen outside her window, sees everything! Claire goes out her house to look for him but he’s gone. Left behind on her driveway is the book by Chandra Suresh. Mr. Muggles is looking UP barking, why the hell she doesn't look up as well seems dumb to me. Did West stay there hovering watching her look dumbfounded? Or did he fly away? Grawr!

This episode seems to have shown us more towards that other bad guy without any mention of Sylar... yet.

The third episode of Heroes volume 2 is titled ‘Kindred’ and will air Monday October 8, 2007 on NBC. I can't wait! :)


Anonymous said...

Notice that the number of paintings in the series (8 or number of potential vengeance victims) plus the one handing out the vengeance equals nine. Kinda like the "9 out of 12 left" that we heard earlier. And of course everyone watching in my living room started yelling "Claire's a cutter!" as soon as she looked at the scissors.

Ann Launay said...

Poor girl, can't even cut off a toe in the privacy of her own home...

I vote fewer shirts for Milo/Peter this season. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you all notice that Peter was shirtless and wet almost the entire episode? w00t!!!!

I liked the plot with Claire trying to figure out her ability. It seemed to tie in really well with Kensei when you think about it.

Hiro's whole story makes me crack up every time he comes on screen. I can't wait to see more. :-)

The twins I'm just not all that interested in so far. *shrug* Maybe once they finally reach the US they'll get more exciting.

I've already heard that Sylar, Niki, and Micah will all be back in Episode 3. Should be fun!!!