Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Computer Update

I'm feeling slightly homicidal at the moment. First off my puter is still at the shop & it looks like it'll need a reformatting & a good spanking. On the bright side I'm getting another hard drive, that will make it a dual hard drive dealio. Yah, I was told that was the bright side. So here I am now sitting on my daughter's computer that is/was full of CRAP! I think I uninstalled a million games & deleted double that in pics that she took of herself among MySpace IM and buttloads of useless computer clogging nonsense. I can't use Firefox, nor can I log into SL. This is pretty much the equivalent of being on dial-up. I'm sure it could be worse.

The highlight of my day has been Hawks' smiling face this morning & being able to borrow a puter to hear his set. Other than that I feel the need to go fetal position & shake in a dark corner. Hopefully I'll be full speed & back tomorrow sometime. If not, I may need psych help by the end of the day.

P.s. Bambi II is sad, I do not recommend watching it if you lose your computer. kkthnx


Dreamer said...

Oh ma gawd!!! my poor Sunshine!! :'( wot can i do to help?? [huggles + sniffles] <3

HawksRock said...

Awwww baby, I have to say though that I have a favorite quote of the day already and it is only 7:30 am: "Bambi II is sad, I do not recommend watching it if you lose your computer. kkthnx"

LMAO... kisses.

Gillian Waldman said...

There was a Bambi II??? doubleuteeeff

On another note, I am sending your 'puter matzoh ball soup.

JellyBean Madison said...

Grawr I can't remmy my sign in *cries*

I wish there was something that could be done but looks like I'm waiting for pay to hit before I can go get puter. Hopefully today. *crosses fingers*

Yup there's a Bambi II and it made me cry so I stopped watching half way through. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0447854/trailers-screenplay-E34089-10-2