Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Grawr Rawr Rawr! Wahhhhhhhhh

I can't believe this shit. First Hawks breaks my mic. Yah, I blame him. Rofl! Okay seriously he 'probably' had nothing to do with it. Then I log into SL this a.m. and Hawks is in this fab mood & I sooooo want more of that yumminess. Then BOOM, I crash. I try to log back in, just as I connect, BOOM! Crash Logger. I try again... Crash Logger. Again, and again and again. Okay no big, I have him on messenger & I'll reboot later... things will be copasetic, right? Nope!

So I reboot, everything appears to be okay, I get back into SL. It's all gray. No worries, I'm in. Not even 1 minute later I crash again. Grawr! Oh but this time I get my computer screaming "INTERNAL ALIEN LANGUAGE ERRR ERRR ERRR HAHA JELLY YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND! THIS WILL TEACH YOU TO NOT LIKE TECHIES MORE ERROR" message. Okay mayhaps it didn't say that but it so came out that way in my head. So at this point I'm no longer calm. I start freaking out. Then I remmy that I can restore my puter to like yesterday. I tried that & broke it even more. I couldn't even get past the "Welcome to Windows - We pwn You" screen. So now here I sit with my thumb up my nose drooling on my shoes as my puter sits in the shop with "ticket #we'll get to it when we get to it," all lonely missing me and stuff. I wanna cry!

So currently I'm on a loaner puter that belongs to someone who doesn't believe "sharing is caring" and I'll be shoo'd off quicker than a fly on a horses ass. Just know I miss you & I'm trying to get back ASAP. Mwah!

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