Monday, October 1, 2007

Tiny Empires - Updatey-Doo from the Family

Prince HawksRock

Just a few things to go over today. First off if you haven't noticed, I've been posting various pics of those within our family. I do this because not only am I proud of every one of you, it helps ya'll get to recognize each other as well. This post is a little different & I may continue doing updates like this. Instead of talking to our family like I normally do, I asked what they/you would like me to cover in this post. So here goes...

Marquise Kiki
Kala Wildcat: What if the chance comes up to sabotage an enemy ? ... I mean ... that can't be a good thing right? Has anyone ever done it?

Great question Kala! :) In all honesty, I have sabotaged another line, since then they have returned the favor & we called it even. I say all is fair in love & war. Use your own discretion on sabotage. Here's some facts for you though to consider before committing an act of sabotage: The person you sabotage *will* be given every other letter of your name. Now they may or may not be able to figure it out. Mine was easy (JLYEN MDSN) and they may come after you if given the opportunity. It's also expensive to sabotage at which you will only destroy mayhapsibly 4 of their acres at the most. You need to determine for yourself if it's honestly worth it in the long run.

Prince Jon
The chances of actually having one accepted that you have sent are very slim. I highly encourage you to bribe *if* you can afford it. We always welcome new members to our family with open arms & bribes are no different. I would say always upgrade, then bribe. :p Upgrading your living arrangements, livestock, shoeing your horses, etc should take priority. In the end, it's more gold for you to expand your empire. :) When/if someone does accept your bribe (even if you arranged it for someone else) make contact & say "hi". If anything this game is a wonderful way to expand your friend pool.

Viscountess Symone
Furlongs? Sounds dirty!
Dreamer Demontrond: can u blog explaining to peeps how to finger out fathoms + furlongs etc? lots still seem to struggle :P i.e google "fathoms in 47 furlongs" etc.

Fathom: There are 2 yards (6 feet) in a fathom.
Furlong: 40 rods (220 yards or 660 feet)
Though not seen too often...
How long is a Rod? No, not that rod. Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty bastard. A rod as in 1/40th of a furlong. It has its origins in the Old English fuhrlang, meaning “the length of a furrow,” or the distance a team of oxen could plow without resting. These and many other interesting (and mostly obsolete) units of measure can be found at the Dictionary of Units of Measurement.

These are easily googled as well... Or just click here: Google

Duke nitestalker
Family Picnic
There's been some interest expressed that some of you would like to have an event or some sort of get together to get to know the rest of the family. I think this is a fabulous idea. If anyone would like to help me set this up or has ideas/suggestions... please let me know.

Marquise Akasha
Super Keen Links:
The Empire and Thy Place in it
Our Family - Madison Line
Easy Peasy Calculator for those Math Probs

Also if you need anything feel free to hollar at myself, Hawks, Dreamer and/or Harlan. Don't you love how I just throw their names out there? :p

Kissiepops & huggles to the best family in Tiny Empires! Cheers!!


Kitty Lalonde said...


Ummm dunno if it helps, it's what I've been using for the length questions. You type in the number of one and it converts it to all lengths, okay so the list is a bit long, but it's a lot easier (in my opinion)

Much love!

Cierra Theriac said...

In the interest of adding another option for everyone...

For the conversion questions, I have been googling what I want to convert, such as "fathoms to yards". The first option has usually been a calculator where all I had to do was enter one of the numbers, and the other popped right up. I am a geek and love math, but in the interest of getting the answer quicker (and knowing it was right), this has worked for me.

Wrath said...

I have noticed I tend to run out of time while running to look up help in solving these questions.

Are there any benefits to answering them on time and correctly?

I do not seem to notice any penalties for NOT answering them...

Gillian Waldman said...

THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE FOR ME TO PUT THIS SOOOO...will there be music tonight? Miss your face <3

Cierra Theriac said...

If you don't answer them, then you don't get the reward that is given out if most of us do answer them correctly. I think. Or something like that.