Monday, October 15, 2007

Heroes Recap - Better Late Than Never

So I didn't get it done yesterday but my flaming excuse is if you had the weekend I've had, you wouldn't have either. So nah! Better late than never, I say. Besides it's just in time for you to get a refresher before tonight's episode, right? Okay it'll hopefully be short & sweet....

Recap of Episode 203 - Chapter 3 - Kindred Spirits

  • Sylar’s finally back. And he's missing his powers? Or is he? And with Candice? She looks diff now, definitely. If you remmy last season, Candice was with the "company", then she was with Linderman. I'm so confused.
  • Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh and Molly. Is anyone else smelling a spin-of? Next year on NBC, MY TWO DADS [with superpowers].
  • Thanks to an awesome name like Takezo Kensei and one really big sword, did anyone else expect David Anders addition to the show to be so painfully lame?
  • Claire finally learns that West’s power isn’t that of a stalker. He can fly! He's kinda sweet in a way. I loved when he told her to shut up, scooped her into his arms & they flew away.
  • Micah is carted off to New Orleans. Apparently DL didn't make it to Season 2. Set your phasers to stunning. Uhura returns. Next up. Spock as the ultimate bad guy.
  • Can someone please explain to me the deal with Maya & Alejandro’s power? And while you’re at it, calculate the odds that Alejandro’s prison buddy just happened to have stolen Claire’s Nissan Rogue.
  • Peter goes all Sylar. Very cool.
  • Sylar goes all Sylar. Even cooler.
  • Claire’s new boyfriend West was actually abducted by a mysterious man with Horn-Rimmed Glasses. That’s going to make one awkard family dinner. We can’t wait.
The Kindness of Strangers - Episode Number: 204
Be sure to catch it on NBC tonight. Check your local listings.


Ann Launay said...

Why do we need another guy who can fly, though? :-/

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I know right? LOL! Watch it turn out that hes some other illegitimate child of Nathan's. Ewww!

Anonymous said...

Well here's my meek observations:

Peter - Okay him going all Darth Vader on Dominic Keating was freakin AWESOME!!! The look on his face when he looked like he enjoyed choking the scum. I could almost hear him saying "I find your lack of faith... disturbing." And did you all also cry out in terror when Peter decided th NOT open the box? ARGH!!!

Hiro & Kensei - I actually like this storyline. David Anders is gonna be a series regular anyways. I suspect he's the one who's offing all the '1st gen' folks. I think they should have shown more of Kensei fighting the Angry Ronin, tho.

Maya & Alejandro - Okay... so far I hate these guys. Will they just get them over the US border all freakin' ready?? And yep Jelly... the Rogue at the end is Claire's... as pointed out by the School bumper sticker on the bumper. ;-)

Micah & Niki - So Niki just dumps her son off with relatives they haven't spoken to in years. Riiiiiight. I think DL's death is a ruse (since in the graphic novels it's stated that he's still alive). I also think Niki has the 'virius' hence why she's now working with The Company.

Sylar - Yay!! We all knew he wasn't dead. The redhead who played Candice/Michelle was because they couldn't get the original actress back. Showing Candice on the floor as a 'larger' gal at the end explained why she was wolfing down all those fries in Season 1. Will Sylar get his powers back? Stay tuned, bat fans!

West - Okay the flying sequence was all sweet and all... but that doesn't excuse him being a complete ASS during the Biology class. If I had been Claire I would have stuffed that Bunsen Burner from the earlier episode in his eye socket.