Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sometimes you just feel like... grapefruit?!

KSU Freshman - ME!
I was accepted tonight... Yay! Thanks to finally submitting my application & though my answers consisted of "grapefruit", they let me in. Huzzah! Rosie's response:

Rosie Shark: shall u be like barbie
Rosie Shark: Clockwork Jelly
Rosie Shark: Blogger Jelly
Rosie Shark: College Jelly
Rosie Shark: DJ Jelly
Rosie Shark: Own The Entire Collection Now!

My First Sculptie
Okay so it's not a banana, but it actually looks like a flower & thats what I was aiming for. :p I can't believe I actually made something. Haha! *beams with pride* If you haven't heard about it yet... You should try Plopp. It's a program for SL sculpties, free & completely easy.

Meet Alysha Rennahan
She's one of my newest friends, film extra, and guess what else? Newp, you guessed wrong you doofus! Heh! She is also a blogger. So do checkity check out her fabulous blog... Alysha's SecondLife.

Ruth'd & Other SL Mishaps
Hawks & I actually have two pics on display at the exhibition of "Ruth'd & Other SL Mishaps." Go check it out at Simply Elegant.

Okay that's it for me, I'm trying to come off my Heroes high. :D


Alysha Rennahan said...

All hail the mighty grapefruit!!! Huzzah!!!

Cierra Theriac said...

So could I make beany-bag chairs with Plopp? Hmmmm... new stuffs to play with.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Ooo Cierra - I think you can. I tried to make you all a tiara, but it was a tote flop. With Plopp it kinda flooff things, and makes em puffy, so bean bags may be perfect.

Cierra Theriac said...

Yeah!!! Ima gonna download it tonight! :)