Friday, October 5, 2007

I have to act out to get attention - Fuck you people!

Rosie is in a mood today. I am the recipient of her pent up hostility & I fucking love her for it. Trust me, she's in great form today. So, just some random quotes of Rosie Gone Wild:

Rosie Shark: gah could u get off please, we have a time constraint

Rosie Shark: and, honestly, Rosie... say what you really feel
Rosie Shark: it's too much I can't do it... overload... danger danger

Rosie Shark: fuck you and your tiaras
Rosie Shark: I got fairies and they do my bidding
Rosie Shark: so back off bitch

Rosie Shark: [12:53] IM Rosie Shark: hiya Hawks! if it's not too much trouble, can ya finish off please? I really neeeed Jell! kkthnx :D

JellyBean Madison: I want to pet yew!
Rosie Shark: Pet me! Pet me! Pet Me!

Okay though this may only be funny to us... it stems from our whoroscope today. Yah, we're both Virgos. Back the fook off! And Rosie's coat is soft & fluffy.

No one will get close to you now -- not unless they've fulfilled three very particular requirements. They've got to be seriously sexy, extremely intense and not for the faint of heart -- because you're not going to go for them if you only get two out of three. Steer clear of explosives -- literally and figuratively. You're a loose cannon, just dying for someone to make your day. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

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