Friday, October 5, 2007

Water is killing me... slowly

Hawks says, "Drink more water." I say, "Kay, I'll try it." Now I know he's using water to slowly kill me. Today marks day 2 that I have not had one teensy tiny tempting tantalizing taste of Dew. *faints* Okay so I know with sickness comes the "drink plenty of fluids" and "get back in bed" but I feel better today, for reals. I think the drugs are working. Huzzah! Go ahead, throw the confetti, you know you wanna. In all honestly I do believe water helped to break up the gunkies in my sinuses, so yay to that.

In other news...

JH Productions
Well if Aka ain't just cranking away in her very short inworld time. I went to go check out the build progress today and seriously holy moly that build is huge. Imagine this... 9856 sqm with every inch taken by this build. I'm excited though I'm not exactly sure what they're going for yet. I believe big movie lot. Just tell me where I plop my desk! Hoo!

Random Cheese Video
Ideas? Ideas? Where are Rosie & Dreamer? My muses. We have 2 days to come up with a funny/good/or at least mediocre video before Hawks gets back. C'mon guys, that's not much time. Damn it! Even Harlan isn't returning my calls! Okay, not really, he's offline. But.... still!

*grumbles & walks away*

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