Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Into the miasma...

So it's Wednesday, hump day for ya'll, but for me it means 1 week til I'm workin and stuff. I can't go into detail though, cause it's too much RL, but it does mean I'll have less SL time. So today until then I plan on making the most of the SL and the shit I need to get done in there. My to-do list:
  1. JH Productions: Tank Girl - get on the writing dept. to start kicking out some ideas.
  2. Jelly's Closet post(s)
  3. TE Madison line Family Party planning (we have a DJ - thanks Guenevere)
  4. Get more surfing time in at La Bahia
  5. Spit out another semi-solo project in between the TG series