Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KSU Diaries: First Day @ KSU

Today KSU opened it's doors to the massive new arrivals. I arrived precisely at 1 p.m. SLT and darted off to the Red Hall. This is where I will call home during my time at KSU. That is until I can move over to the Co-Ed Green Hall. The rules aren't too strict, but they are rules. That sucks.

Red Hall Dorm Rental Policy and Rules

Thank you for your interest in living here in the dorms! please take a second to read these guidelines before renting. The Red hall is a GIRLS ONLY dormitory, intended for undergrads. Graduate students and seniors are allowed into the blue hall, or you can check out the Green Hall on the other side of campus, which is Co-ed, 21+.

-Only girls may rent in this hall.
-You may pick your own roommates. If you do not have a roommate, please feel free to rent any open rooms, and wait patiently for the other half of the room to be rented.

Renting Entire Rooms:
-If you are still roommate free at the end of your first week, feel free to pay the other rental box, allowing full access to the room, and a total of 100 prims will be at your disposal. You must wait 7 days before renting the other half of your room to be sure that there is no one else who would like to rent it.
-You may not rent more than one room.

Your Stuff
Do not place any furniture outside of your room.

There are 2 RAs assigned to each dorm building. Any problems with role play can be reported to them. They can also assist you in finding a moderator that is on duty if you are having technical issues.

Dorm Music
Dorm Music can be voted on at the front desk and will be changed once a week.

Dorm Names
Dorm names can be voted on at the front desk and have a chance to be changed every two months. Name options will be shown a week before votes are counted. Names may not change depending on votes.

Role Play Rules
These rules were made to be broken! That is if it suits your character. Rules made for role play reasons should be followed accordingly, but there are no disciplinary actions if you decide to sneak someone into your room at 3am.

1. No person should bring any member of the opposite sex into their rooms between the hours of 1am and 6am.
2. No opposite sex "overnight" parties
3. No smoking within 50 feet of the building
4. No candles, halogen lights, curling irons, or other fire hazards
5. No Pets
6. Students may not display neon, commercial signs, or generally offensive materials from their dormitory windows.

Front Desk Office Hours are from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday for any of your postal needs.

Please feel free to email for assistance.

Rosie (my roomate) is on her way. She has her entire life packed in the back of her Volvo. She checked in with me earlier from some truck stop to make sure that we were able to get into the same hall. She said she'll be arriving some time on Thursday. Huzzah that gives me almost two full days to abuse her prim limit & her side of the room. :p

For now though... I'm just going to sit here & people watch/eavesdrop.

"I think that classes are a come what may kind of thing Freshman year," Arima offers, trying to be reassuring despite her own nervousness. "We can walk down to the office and ask, if you want?" Cracking a thin smile at Bryn's antics, still tightly wound herself, Arima chukles. "Thank god for window seats, right? Unless you're sitting next to someone who had to pay for both of the seats next to you."

Making a face reminiscent of the ascii D: at the joke of the dreaded airline doubleseater Brynn feigned a cringe in the corner, "No, not fatty von snoresalot!" Checking the ties of her pigtails nervously she nodded, "Guess we gotta get the office stuff and class signing up for done at some point right?" Which in her mind meant, 'do we gotta do it now?'


tiana meriman said...

i'm looking forward to your diaries ^^ i'm still deciding if i want to attend or not, i can only be in sl in the morning so your entries will help me decide if theres potential for fun in those hours i am in sl ^^

Adec Alexandria said...

so whens the first keg party? ..i have animal house in my head .. but dont want to get you kicked out in your first month :))

ps my verification word was 'emwudh' .. like that word .. deserves a '?' after it :p

Nimil said...

haha i was there for about 10 minutes earlier getting my dorm room and stuff and boys are already talking to me >_> of course my character is shy and standoffish so she skittered away as fast as she could..