Thursday, October 18, 2007

Took the Arvo off...

Most of my morning yesterday was spent waiting for KSU to open. Once it did, that became my day until Hawks logged on. It's nice to make vids, plan stuff, tringo, DJ, blog and spend time in a TE group im but sometimes you just really need to escape all that. If only for a little while. Hawks hasn't decided for sure if he'll be joining me at KSU... so when he came on yesterday I immediately left campus to whisk him away to Surfline Aloha Rezzable. It's build, so we found a quiet little dock to drop our Pillow Talk pillows & just chillax.

Kala blogged the other day about Relaxing in SL. This post of Kala's is so true... people even in SL seem so busy or rushed. Why? Take time to inhale one another, have gooftastic moments, or just veg out. It's okay! Even if you can't do it everyday because you're just that busy - plan a day a week to just lose yourself. :D

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