Thursday, October 18, 2007

KSU Diaries: Classes Forming

So I finished setting up my dorm room yesterday. Rosie still hasn't arrived. I figure she'll probably be in late tonight some time. Akasha was able to get into the room next door, so I spent most of my night watching her rearrange furniture. She's roomies with a girl name Glad... quiet girl but friendly when she does speak. She has style too. I guess Aka can feel lucky for that. :p

We met our RA (Resident Adviser), Maye. She came around our rooms at 9 p.m. to do a "boy check". Haha as if I'd have one in my room. Now Rosie might once she gets here. Especially if she's anything like she was in High School. *winks*

A celebration bonfire was thrown to commemorate the first day of school. Aka & I bundled up and went for a bit. Most of the people were nice with the exception of a few cheerleading wannabes, show offs & guys with high hopes of getting laid. There was a lot of beer, drugs. loud music & dancing. Pretty much what I expected my first college party to be like.

Today we received word that classes are forming. I hope drama class & some kind of a/v productions forms.

((Oct. 18,2007 -
Today we will be working on setting up classes and class schedules and whathaveyou. We're hoping we can maybe get some scheduled for Monday. You won't have to sign up for classes, and anyone who wants to go to a class can show up (but seating may be limited). We will also have a few textbooks coming out today and more throughout the week. Teaching applications should be up later today!))


tiana meriman said...

i got accepted into KSU today, i have to say i'm pretty nervous about my first time there. i'm going to be an exchange student from canada ^^

Gillian Waldman said...

LOL! No one - seriously, no one - has a richer slife than you Jelly.