Friday, October 19, 2007

KSU Diaries: Making Friends & Memories

I never did get to sign up for my classes yesterday. I think as more people arrive, we're finding fun things to do. It's possible that we're having a hard time getting out of summer vaca mode.

In high school we were assigned pen pals for our English class. They were pretty randomly picked. A few of my friends & myself continued with their pen pals throughout the summer. I was so excited to hear about my pen pal from Canada, Tiana Meriman getting accepted to KSU. She arrived yesterday around the same time that Rosie finally pulled in. It was great to meet her face to face after months of letters.

We all hopped into Aka's car & I narrated the tour. The funniest part to me was the the fact that Aka probably shouldn't be allowed on the road. Rofl.

You: that on the corner is the ZomG sorority house - yah, not a fan, and we're moving on
Akasha Nyak: lol!
Tiana Meriman: lol wait, i want to know why we hate them
Akasha Nyak: lol!
You: oi I don't hate them, strong dislike for the smell of hairspray, nice cars, rich bitches & bon bons comes to mind
Tiana Meriman: ah okie you had me at rich bitches
You: lol
Akasha Nyak: lol!
Tiana Meriman: that fits in my list of things to hate
Akasha Nyak: hey but I have a nice car, well to me anyway
Akasha Nyak: lol!
You: me too but thats another matter, I bought mine, not daddy :p
Tiana Meriman: am i allowed to ride my motorcycle here?
Akasha Nyak hangs her head
You: mhm
Tiana Meriman: YAY!
Akasha Nyak: peter got me mine, lmao
Tiana Meriman: my parents got me mine...

We've all vowed & pinky promised not to pledge. Ha! Why do I get the feeling Rosie will talk me into it?

After the tour we just kind of hung out, letting Rosie settle in her room and waited on Tiana's roomie, Bells, to get in. Tiana was lucky enough to get the very last room in Red Hall. I think all the dorms on campus are officially full.

Tiana had to head off back to her hotel to get the rest of her things together & curl up for the night. Aka, Rosie & I headed out to Nicolo's Wood Fired Pizzaria for a slice. Afterwards we were pooped & headed back to the dorm.

I called Hawks before bed, time zones are killing us, but he always answers the phone cheerfully, even if I did wake him from a deep sleep.

Huzzah! For Friday though. I'll worry about classes on Monday. :D

((Hawks has taken the semester off from school, helping back at home with his family.))

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Akasha =^.^= said...

I am the first one to say that I shouldn't be driving, but hey they gave me a license anyway so of course I'm going to use it to it's fullest! LOL