Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jelly's Closet - College SLife

So as you may know, or not if you live under a sculpted rock, (not that I knock this lifestyle, more power to you peeps), I've been attending KSU and keeping diaries about it. So what does one wear to college? Well, iunno. But I'll tell you what I wore. :p

Hair: Gritty Kitty College Boy Physical Sinjun (tinted pink)
Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin - Tone 40 - Auburn - Rubies
Headphones: Kru's Boutique - Dj Headphone Monitor
Necklace: My TWS Rose Necklace my friend Harlan made, which I absolutely adore.
Bracelets: SiniStyle Seraphim Bracelets
Hoodie: Dutch Touch - Hoodie jacket Blue
Shirt (under hoodie): Slow Rez Bunny Crossbones T-Shirt (aged pink)
Jeans: Zona Cero Antik wasted low light denim (only the bestest ass jeans EVER!!!
Shoes: FNKY! Kicks (Grey)
Photo Location: KSU - Red Hall Dorm (access to students & staff only - apply here)

Last but definitely not least... Who doesn't want an Aka board? Sure you can get the same picture string or change your own picture board that everyone else has... Orrrr you can get one of Akasha Nyak's unique and original boards for yourself. Just think how your friends will be in awe of all the cool things you have to do and important people you know. That's right, it's custom, so all she requires is *your* imagination... and she can make your dreams of self-importance a reality. L$250 each and when she says custom, she means it... you gotta tell her what you want! By the way - there is a max of 5 (notes/pics) on the personal ones. Also, if you're a guy, and you want a more guy-ish one, iunno blue? mayhaps a sticky stinky sock... just ask. :p Just drop her an IM, she loves making these & I'm forcing her to sell them. :)

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Gillian Waldman said...

Awesome. I wants a board!

Markys V. said...

Hello, I am the Markys; a lost Brazilian in the SL world; I found its video Bust Moves It - Male Sine Wave Dances in the YouTube, congratulations game SL but still far to carry through things as the ones that I visualized in youtube. Congratulations again and for its super blog made well.