Sunday, October 21, 2007

KSU Diaries: Off Campus Rendezvous (remix)

((I actually had the following entry typed up yesterday. As you can tell, I didn't finish it.))

Hawks called early this morning with a surprise plane ticket & a day of fun in the snow. He's having a hard time too I think with me being off at school. I was filled with excitement to be whisked off to Wolf Mountain Ski Resort for a day of winter fun. I called the first taxi company I could find in the phonebook...

((Since Hawks has decided to join me at KSU, my diaries will be going a different direction from now on. JellyBean & Hawks on KSU Campus are different role-playing characters rather than the cute couple they are off-campus around the grid. :p))

KSU Diaries: Fall Fest

The campus was decked out in true fall spirit complete with fliers everywhere. The girls & I knew we had plans off campus prior to hearing about Fall Fest - (Swing on down to Warshington Place and hang out at the 14th Annual Harvest Festival! Grab some fun Fall freebies and pledge a Greek House! Apple Bobbing and FREE BEER!! Visit the kissing booth at 1SLT and help support the Kodiaks!! 25L for a smooch and a souvenir photo!). Aka was going out of town for the weekend to see Peter, Rosie was working long hours, Tiana I'm sure was out sight seeing being new to the area, and as for me... I had some major retail therapy on the horizon.

Most of my day was spent browsing through new releases and window shopping. I arrived back to my dorm late & apparently just in time for the costume party happening outside at the bonfire. It didn't look like Rosie, Aka or Tiana had returned from their day trips, so I threw on my costume & headed over to the festivities.

Once I arrived I realized my costume was pretty damn innocent in comparison with the other girls. Seriously, I should have possibly done a slutty Alice in Wonderland. Hah!

It wasn't too long before a cab pulled up in the distance. Hooray! Tiana was back. She quickly changed & joined me at the party. We stayed long enough to mingle, see the winners of the costume contest & then we both decided that it was already too late to stay up any longer. It was time to give in to sleep so we headed back to our rooms.

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