Monday, October 8, 2007

No Way! Shut Up! Cierra Said What?!?

Surf Comp, you say?

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Surf Competition - October 13 at La Bahia

La Bahia is hosting an SLSA sanctioned surf competition on Saturday. As a matter of fact it is the season finals (a season is like a 4-5 month block). Next month will start a new season, I think. But this could still be your first competition. You do not have to have entered a comp before to surf in this one.

The only rules to enter are that you need to join the SLSA group... and you need a long board. The first is easy. Copied from what I wrote on the SLSA blog:
Q: How do I join SLSA?
A: In-world, search “Groups” for SLSA, either under:
Edit (top of screen), Groups…, Search
“Search” (button at bottoms of screen), Groups,
then look for “SL Surfing Association” and click “Join”. That’s it.

The second part is the board. You need a board that is Namiko length or longer, scripted by Heather Goodliffe. If you are not sure about your board, ask me. I will help you figure it out. If you don't have a board... well, there are some to borrow on the beach at La Bahia. The are the black and white SLSA boards.

So, you have taken a deep breath, decided that Hell Yeah! this sounds like fun. So, how do I actually enter the durn thing? I am so glad you have asked. You go to the SLSA forum... find the thread entitled "Competition Registration". Reply to the thread, saying "Hell Yeah! Count me in." Or something to that effect (I think the original post has an example-you could just copy it if you have writers block). The important part--> include your name... umm, your avi name. First and last name exactly as you sign on. Once you are on the thread, you are entered. Registration ends at 5pm SLT on Thursday, October 11.

What do you get out of the deal? Fun!! A great day surf, some adrenaline pumping, good company, an after party on the new La Bahia Plaza located right in front of The Shops at La Bahia. Cash and prizes. I have no clue what the cash and prizes are for this comp, but I have heard there are going to be some. I have won a Namiko gift certificate in the past. Plus I am going to be giving out gift certificates to Turtle Bay. Not sure how many and for how much yet. Hmmm... I guess I should think about that, huh?

If you like to surf, it is a lot of fun to participate. No reason to be intimdated if you haven't competed before... at some point neither had any of these people. The best surfers I know finish poorly sometimes and the first-timers do well - you never know how it is going to go until you get on the wave. :) Kindof like real life, you know?

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tiana meriman said...

wow that looks like a lot of fun! you know i'm really starting to hate working on saturdays, i miss all the good stuff :(