Monday, October 8, 2007

Tiny Empires: Family Party

Okay poppets, here's the scoops on the Family Party. Hawks & I were discussing a Halloween Party this morning. He wasn't sure on if we were going to throw one or attend one. This made me think about our Family Party. I may be a social pink butterfly but I get pretty partied out if there's several I must attend within a short time span. Being that it's October, and we've got the opening of the JH Productions Studios on top of the Family party... my suggestion is this: A Family Halloween Party at JH Productions Studios. Now since I have always included your opinions/suggestions/concerns in all decisions made, this time is no different.

The easiest way I could think of is a poll. This is multiple choice, that way I didn't have to do more than one poll. It's a time saver for all of us. You vote yes OR no on party. Then vote which you would prefer Halloween, Themed, Come as you Are, or suggest your own. If this works correctly - the polls will close one week from today. So vote, and be sure to pass on to your immediate subjects as well. That way every one gets a say.

*Hugs* to the greatest family ever!

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Laylah said...

Hope I will be able to attend! I miss all the fun stuff. -_-