Monday, October 8, 2007

Case of the Mundays

Hawks returned from his long weekend yesterday & I couldn't be happier. Now stop doing that! kkthnx! That would be the reason for the one post yesterday. It's always easy to tell when he's gone a'missin because I go crazy stupid with posting. When he's back though, I spend a lot less time blogging and more time inworld doing stuff with him. We're now on 5 months together & every day is just as interesting as the first. :)

*end mush*

Okay I have a couple of thingys to tell ya about before I do a Tiny Empires announcement. So here goes:

Cierra's at the Beach
"Cierra's at the Beach" is officially open for business at The Shops at La Bahia - Featuring Turtle Bay, Cierra's, Flynn's, Namiko, Wrong, and Reaction. The new build is awesome & located right on my favorite surfable beach in all of SL... La Bahia. Cierra is one freaking fabulous person that I don't seem to ever find enough time to spend with. I'm really working on a remedy to that. Anywho, if you need a new stick, surfwear, beachy furniture or anything water/pool/beach/lake/summer related... You need to shop here. It's a one-stop shop for all of your sunshiney happy day needs.

Feeling Festive?
Devilish Cupcake is having a Halloween Treasure Hunt now until October 31st. Look for 13 Spooky Cupcakes that are scattered throughout the sim. This hunt was brought to us by Analise, Devilish Cupcake, Frustrated Inc. and Infernal. Rosie dragged us (Aka & I) all over last night & it was actually really fun. I carved a pumpkin, rode a broomstick merry-go-round, and frolicked in the corn with my girls. Every cupcake is filled with goodies. So if you've got an hour to kill, do it here. Don't forget to check out the costumes in the Haunted House.

New @ Pillow Talk
Sandy has done it again... given us yet another way to be close. A few weeks ago Sandy Clymer of Pillow Talk released a single person tire swing. It was & is absolutely adorable with smooth very well done poses in it. However, swinging is much more fun with a friend or your significant other. Took her awhile but she finally made the couples tire swing. It works for one or for two ;) She's also released new fall trees to sit and play in, as well. You can find them scattered about the sim, on the ground level. Thanks again Sandy. :)

JH Productions Movie Studio
Aka must of worked her purple tush off last night after I went to bed. Hawks & I logged in to a movie studio set, erected (haha I said erected!) office building, small pond & an apple tree. The textures are so perfect. As it stands now, there's like 8 floors in the office building. A little overkill mayhaps. We possible only need like 4-5. I'm very very excited about decorating my office. How ya feel about pink, baby? Kidding

Okay that's all I have for ya by way of update. I need to get the TE announcement posted. :)


Cierra Theriac said...

OMG - I officially love you!

BTW, you were rumored to have be prowling the beach today butcher knife in hand. Please don't murder any of my customers, lol. kkthx

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Lmao - I love you more! I so was prowling the beach :p I was afk for a bit writing the post, when I came back I realized I still had my "face cutting knife" in my hand. Rofl