Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tiny Empires: Let Them Have... Cookies!

Princess JellyBean & Viscountess Vanessa

I know I've been promising a Tiny Empires post & now ya have it. Huzzah! I'd like to say Yay & Congrats to all the Princesses/Princes that were promoted this week, as well as to all those who jumped a rank. Our family has grown tremendously just over the last few days, please take time to get to know your lineage. This game isn't just about acres, but also about making new friends. I always encourage everyone to take a look at the line & randomly IM someone in the family to say "hello."

Welcome Princess Kaiti Jensen
Kaiti joined our line this morning. I'm so happy to have her. She is a designer as well as a blogger and friend of mine. So if you see her, give her tackle hugs & welcome her to our family.

Countess Sable

Much ToDo Over Taxes
A lot has been said on the lower taxes with the King Celty & Queen FoxyKim families. Some 'other' families not within those two have im'd me regarding what they feel is unfair by these tax breaks. Until we can rank higher on the list, we are not given such opportunities to give our lines lower taxes or even a "kingdom" name (I'll get to that). The Celty and FoxyKim line have been using this as a "recruitment" tactic, trying to offer the one carrot they can throw on the table, in lieu of getting lost in a huge family 45 tiers long, and that is loosely affiliated rather than the tightnit, fun-loving family that we are lucky to have. Our goal is to grow large enough to overtake these other families, and then we too will be able to pass along the savings of lower taxes down the line. Unfortunately, today only the two largest families are able to do that. Rest assured that if we could offer you a break we would, and that all of your taxes go to the emperor, which means that neither myself or anyone else at the top is making any money off of your taxes.

Viscount Ekleipsis a.k.a Donut

Our Kingdom
A few of you have asked why there is no "of ..." after your names like for instance "King Celty of Wessex". That's because again, we're not at the upper family levels yet. We're currently ranking #7 on the 10 Ten Families. AS soon as we beef ourselves up more, I'm sure we'll climb right up that ladder & depending on how they have us choose the family/Kingdom name... we'll ask you to help name us. We're way more original than "Camelot". :)

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Also if you need anything feel free to hollar at myself, Hawks, Dreamer and/or Harlan.

Kudos to the best family in Tiny Empires! Cheers!!

Jell & Hawks

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