Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[Renegade] New Bikini Bomber Pack

Group Notice From: Kaejo DaSilva
Jelly had been buggin me forever to make some bikinis so I figured she's forgotten by now, time to make em! We rock your world, we knock your socks, Renegade Forever Sucks!

What the hell is he on about? I never forget a design request. :) Months, I mean months ago I had asked Ko for a 'full' kini. He gave me a fabulous top but no bottoms. NO BOTTOMS! Let me explain the reason the top is like SL's best designed kini top ever from a girl's point of view. The top has these subtle lil creases exactly where they should be, the seams are straight, very detailed & the top overall gives your tatas the look of buoyancy that most tops don't. Not everyone likes the "I got a bewb job" look, leave that to the cum dumpsters, blingtards & street walkers.

Now the bottoms that he finally blessed me with yesterday to complete my kini... Wowzers. Worth the wait. Though it is a thong, it's on my ass which makes it acceptable. :) Remmy folks... thongs on women? Yes! Thongs on men? No! Don't do it! It's gross!

So even though it's now fall & KO is a season late, these are definitely a must-have for anyone's closet. After all... the beaches, pools, and occasional summer fling events are open all year long in SL.

Renegade - Warehouse Shopping District - Quality Clothing

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