Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tiny Empires Family Party - Today at 4 PM SLT

Hey all, well I give up trying to pin that future queen down to attend this party... between her daughter's cheerleading and now her work schedule getting pulled up she is STILL going to miss it. We will miss her terribly, but as a good family should we are going to PARTY ON!! The party starts at 4 pm SL time on the JH productions lot, in our "Hangar" on Masquerade Island. Due to all the switching around, we lost the DJ we had lined up to another conflict, so expect your Prince Hawks to spin some tunes for a couple of hours. Given I have about an hour to pull together some stuff, and the theme being Halloween expect a lot of Rob Zombie... with a little alternative, with a little randomesque. Come on out, have some fun... hang with the other members of our line, and have a great time!

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