Friday, October 12, 2007

Update Update!

Hang Time with Myg
So I didn't post at all yesterday... I was busy busy. Okay not like rush rush busy busy but just doing stuffies I wanted to do. Hawks & I got to spend some QT with Myg. This is something we don't get to do very often but when we do, we enjoy every minute of it. So big head hugs to Myg! Thanks for chillaxin with us yesterday.

Goooo Kodiaks!
Yesterday morning Rosie & I worked on our MGG2SL review of the new KSU campus opening next week. I'm so completely excited over this, I just can't wait. I'm so going to be a college freshman! Psst baby, wanna be my Professor, for realsies? Hawks knows how much I was into KHS before, I even rented an apartment on the sim.

Rosie Shark: u two should just totally rp it there
Rosie Shark: wet bus stop
Rosie Shark: she's waiting
Rosie Shark: his car is warm
Rosie Shark: and dry
Rosie Shark: don't sttttand
Rosie Shark: don't stand so
Rosie Shark: don't stand so close to me!
Rosie Shark: ur roomie doesn't even know
Rosie Shark: until ONE DAY
Rosie Shark: and then he tries to kill her cuz she found out
Rosie Shark: omg we could have fun!

Heroes Post
Don't cut me! I know I haven't done a Heroes recap for Monday's episode yet. That's because Hawks & I haven't had time to sit down & watch it. So sue us. I'll get it to you by Monday I promise. It'll most likely be written tomorrow after we get a chance to just watch it.

Tiny Empires - Prince Harlan, where'd ya go?
Remember guys that the voting on our Family Party stops on Monday. This Monday (October 15th). So if you haven't had your subjects vote yet, or you haven't - make sure to vote here. So far it looks like yes to the party & yes to it being Halloweenie! Harlan, where ya been? You are missed!

JH Productions - In Between
We are currently working on the Tank Girl video with a twist of lemon & lime. But in between a big video, and by that I mean - scripts, scenes, crazytalk, audacity, major work... I like to throw out lil videos which require little to no huge production. That's where my next post will continue...


tiana meriman said...

i'm really interestes in the KSU but i want to be a student it looks like a lot of fun. i hope we'll get to hang together around campus ^^

Harlan said...

Harlan, where ya been? You are missed!

I've missed you guys, too.

This week hasn't been the best week ever, and I haven't had the wherewithal to log in to SL much. But that's all done with now!

I should be around a couple of hours tonight before Going Out Time(tm) and then I'm going to try to get some quality SL time in during this weekend.