Saturday, October 6, 2007

What to do?

Today is my full Hawkless day & I woke up way to damned early. It's a good thing too, since the Trader decided to come at 530 a.m. my time. WTF?! Anywho, I started work on my vid. Yay me! Only problem is that I have 1 min worth of footage & a 3 min 20 sec song. Doh! I'm stuck. I'm debating on scrapping it & starting a new one with a different song. We'll see.

I'm getting just a little backlash from my Truth in Hair post on MGG2SL. It always seems like whenever I post something, I always think the flaming will be worse than it is. Most of the time people agree with me, other times the commenters are idiots that are easily blown off. In this case, idiots works. I read the comments but rarely respond because I just find it stupid to argue with anonymous people. I have the backbone to voice my opinion without hiding, any one else that can't do the same isn't worthy of me responding. Oh Jelly, you're a bitch! *I* know! It's just how I DEW!

I have no idea what is on my agenda today. I know I def need to write the Tiny Empires post. So I'll be doing that in a few, I'm sure. There's nothing new in bloglines that's screaming "BUY ME" or anything even remotely interesting. Oh there's that Armidi sim opening that I'll probably go to, though I'm not as wet over it as every other fash blogger, fashionista or clothes whore. New hair will be nice. :)

Okay I suppose I should at least get started on something. Toodles. *mwah*

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tiana meriman said...

i notice how many anonymous post on the mean girls blog now. i think its just people looking to argue though because most of the time they comment on things that have nothing to do with your post at all or barely.

so yeah i think they just want to talk trash and argue and they know the mean girls will probably talk back. its kind of sad really