Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gaga over Armidi? Notsomuch

(Armidi Hair) The Milano - Mystic Collection

Okay I gave into the hype out of boredom and went to Armidi. Besides new hair is always a good get-me-there tactic. Currently there are 42 people in the sim. Gotta love publicity. So this is where I expose my non-fashionista underpants! :o *gasp* Okay so I've heard that Armidi was tagged as "vaporwear", what the hell is that? Doesn't sound too appealing unless mayhaps you're a guy who buys it for your girl or vise versa. All I know is that there was some talk about them back during Hair Fair, then some talk about the fact that the store wasn't open & it took a year? Notice the squiggly icons, those are question marks. Meaning this is how "out of the know" I really am. I honestly didn't pay much attention to the whole Armidi deal until about two months ago when those bad boys over at Y Me blogged about it. That's when I bought the one hairstyle that I guess I overlooked at hair fair (Armidi - The Bombshell). I like it but it seemed very, what's the word I'm looking for? Static! Not even flexi for me to go gaga over but well made. Just a little bit behind it's time.
(Armidi Hair) The Short V - Mystic Collection

Well, this brings me to today's trip. I got goosebumps reading this line on SLNN "I like to think that our hair was different from anything else because of the quality and attention to detail," David said. "Our new hairs are available in 42 new colors and have improved since the styles released last May." Improved, you say? I went thinking that the hair that I liked that was lacking that flexi oompf could easily be replaced with better styles & goodness graciousness... OOMPF!
(Armidi Hair) The Envy - Mystic Collection

The sim was too packed full of gray bald ruths for me to actually try demos, let alone see the place to buy demos, so I figured since I was already there, I might as well buy the ones I thought were cute from their ad pics. After rushing home & trying on my purchases, I was very disappointed. First of all with myself for spending 885L on something I so should have demo'd. Damn me & my impatience. Also for thinking that Armidi could of possibly done pink right. I really should have tried blond, then pinked it myself. In any case, I don't think these are everyday hairstyles for an av on the go in my honest opinion. There's no real noticeable flex to it, no bounce and pretty damned sculpted to your head. On the other hand, they are really well made static hairstyles for models. Unfortunately, I'm not a model, though I do love to take pics of my pixelated self, haha!

The textures offered are all pretty "norm" and pretty with the exception of the Mystic collection. It includes the ultra wowzers neon pink that is probably perfect for a GoGo dancer or die-hard raver but not for me. I prefer a softer pink, or iunno one that doesn't scream, "I just over dyed my hair in the dark, but never fear - my hair will light the way." I'm anxiously awaiting to read all the reviews that will start to pour into the blogosphere. I wonder how many will be honest. Hmm


Anonymous said...

Thats a funny quote! Different she says!? It looks cranked right out of the factory of Naughty Designs.

Gillian Waldman said...

I didn't go to the preview and only bought one hair, though I do like it quite a bit. I guess I'm not shocked at all the blogging given the build-up. But lord - the prequel, the main event and now the resulting reverberating encores. I guess there hasn't been a "new" shop like this in a while. I'll try to head back after the lag thins a bit to see what's there that might suit me.

Catero said...

Vaporware/vaporwear = a sarcastic term used to designate software and hardware products that have been announced and advertised but are not yet available.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thank you Catero. I googled it but didn't want to just assume one of the many definitions.

Anonymous said...


The styles don't look too bad but... the COLOR!!! O.O

Yeah that's pretty Neon, Jelly.

I saw the preview stuff for them too at the Hair Fair but didn't buy anything.

Wow... just... wow.