Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I am so proud right now that I am bursting at the seams, it seems. Hah! A little bitter sweet though, I feel like I missed so many important things tonight. I missed Rosie's Cheer Try Outs (OMG! I am smiling ear to ear. Go You!), Hawks first independent film project (I knew you could do it & be only tote awesome), Clockwork's Anti-Munday set(s) and probably so much more.

Rosie - I really wish I could have been there cheering you on in the stands, waving a huge #1 foam finger & hugging you after. If I could have been... I so woulda.

Hawks - Babe, you did awesome! I'm so amazed & proud of you.

Myg & Smooby - I am so sorry. I really could have used the Anti-Munday party like you wouldn't believe. Podcast please? Encore encore!

Kissiepops & huggles

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