Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home is where the heart is... cept when she is working

Missing you baby... but NO you still shouldn't be calling in sick tmw. :)

kk a few things about Jelly that you all should know:
1) Jell amped on amp = perpetual motion machine / bizare abstract artistic genius
2) Jell is a more cunning linguist than I am, so don't go taking her on in Literati or you will get it handed to you... as in she is freaking amazing at it!! I am not even worthy to dust her dictionary.
3) Jell's handwriting is hawt
4) Jell has over 40k items in inventory, but not ONE thing to wear. She still miraculously manages to change about once an hour though somehow, someway.
5) Jell will do anything you tell her she can't ... fortunately, I have never once told her she can't do something, but I have watched others try it, and seen her pwn them

Few other randoms:
On an RL note: Jayhawks are kicking ASS!!! 4th in the nation in Football BCS standings with an undefeated record. I mean wtf is that all about? The basketball team is ranked 4th in the polls as well, and we still haven't got their star back yet for a few more games. I have been going to all the games and it is a GREAT time to live in Lawrence... There is nowhere in the country that is as fun as Allen Fieldhouse... take that you Cameron crazy punks!!

Hate that we missed Tuesday's clockworks set... :(. Hoping that at least one of us can for sure make it this Tuesday, but waiting to see how our schedules shake out, we will keep everybody posted for sure, once we know.

TE - ffs can we get Jelly to queen already... I love our family, even when they are saying gnite in the group and congratulating other people when they make princess from another line in our family's group chat cuz dammit we are the family that cares. Jell is the only one who can make a discussion on taxes sound kinda hawt... and dirrrrty.

Jell and I have become a bit of.... homebodies. :o It sounds crazy I know, but honestly we had a discussion the other night, that we have really been spending a ton of time at the house. Now granted we just bought a great new house, so we have been decorating, etc... but the short answer is that we aren't getting out like we used to. I think it is because we don't have a destination tringo spot like we did in the Bad Azz gaming days, so we are on the lookout for a new hangout. We do Kindly some of the time, but I haven't been able to really get into it in a big way. To me a lot of it is roleplayed younger than college, and it doesn't intrigue me as much in that format. Next up is I am Legend to see if we both enjoy that or not. Stay tuned for how we like it.

Prince Harlan goes AWOL. Dude where did you go? Are you okay? You don't write... you don't call... do we hafta wait for our Christmas card to arrive to find out how you are? Seriously, drop us a note... lol.

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