Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jelly's Closet - Make My Day, Seriously

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Jimi - Blonde Red(pink tinted)
Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin - Tone 40 - Auburn - Rubies
Necklace: My TWS Rose Necklace my friend Harlan made, which I absolutely adore.
Piercings: *Mina's* Full Facial Piercings (attached to nose)
Cuffs: Primitive Design Eye Cuff - Burgundy Dark
*League* Triple Belted Jacket (from the *LEAGUE* Triple Belted Outfit)
Shorts: *League* Grunge Brown Denim Shorts
Primitive Design eXplosive belt - UNISEX
Primitive Designs Dangerous Sista Boots

Photo Location: The Block
Cutesy pose in last 3 pics: Animazoo model pose 5.0 (from newest batch of releases today)

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1 comment:

October Hush said...

Yep, I need that top and those shorts. As long as it doesn't blend in with my skin too much. Don't want to look nakie.