Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Way! Shup! Animazoo Newness!

It's release time again! It's funny because Hawks was telling me this morning that I'm not so much a fashionista as I am the reviewer of animations. What do you call a person like that besides dancista? Especially when it's much more than just dances? :D Hah! Anywho, no fancy effects, just me demonstrating newness from Animazoo in my photosphere to the tune of Dr. Demento - Fish Heads (cause *I* can). :p

This release marks the beginning of a new concept for Animazoo animations - different sized animations for different avis. Also included in this release (by popular demand) is the first set of ready made, modifiable gestures made by Animazoo.

New gestures:
play coy 1.2
bow 1.1
bow 1.2 (female)
Animazoo curtsey 1
Animazoo curtsey 2
Animazoo curtsey 3
Animazoo whoa!
whoa! (surprised)

The focus for this release has been on male AO, as the female AO stole the show on the last release! There are however some new female animations, a new dance and of course a new freebie!

Male AO:
As before, Dave has used an open source AO (ZHAO II). This means that you pay only for the animations in the AO. The AO is preconfigured with three different mood notecards for both sizes of avi - that's 6 different configurations using over 30 animations!

New animations:
Animazoo dance 14.2
cutsie stand 1.0 (2 sizes)
Animazoo model pose 5.0
male run 1.0
male standing 3 (2 sizes)
male standing 4 (2 sizes)
male standing 5
tapping feet (3 sizes)

Blended (i.e partial) animations:
hands behind back 1.0
hands on hips shuffle 1.2
scratch head (3 sizes)
wave 1.3

This months freebie:
crab 1.0

- Dave Bellman 1st November 2007


Akasha =^.^= said...

LOL very cute, and I'm thinking you should be called an "Animista" eh but what do I know lol

Gillian Waldman said...

Miss you Jelly face.

I guess I can give up your Gilly title of Dancenista this time and go with Aka's "Animista" *which is way better*


HawksRock said...

OMG, that is the most fucking annoying song... evah!! but I still love ya babe! :)

And I am also logging my vote for animista, I like that one!

Anonymous said...

HEHEHE... I love that song, though it's by Barnes & Barnes. ;-)

I like the Animista name too. LOL