Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random Ramblings

This was taken with my cell phone from my work window this evening. See... O'ahu has RL WindLight. :p Oh and if you look at this pic & think it looks cold in Hawaii, you're RIGHT! It is cold in Hawaii right now. For two days I've worn hoodies! :o

Things I really wanna say to customers:
  • Read the sign dumbass!
  • Just because the machine says "See Cashier" doesn't mean I did it, or that I wanna see you.
  • Machines are a lot like women, sometimes we don't like things shoved in us hard & fast, so knock it off!
  • Yes you are a criminal until you pay me. thnx
[GASP! No pics pleassseeeee]
SLebrities. Fashion. Limos. Drama.
Everything but Rehab.

Sweetest of dreams. Eat all your veggies. And again... Happy Turkey day! Mwah poppets!

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