Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thnxgivin Blues

I'm not really feelin it this year... I mean I have the turkey in the oven and it's starting to fill the house with that cooked carcus heavenly scent but it's just not right.

Anyroo... whatev!

I've always been an idea girl. Never one to put things in motion cause that requires talent. So my head is always full of ideas. My latest big one was for SL pre-fab(ulous) home designers.

As most of you know Hawks & I own the Barnesworth Anubis Belle Aire home. We love it so much, bought it weeks ago & have yet to finish decorating it. So now it's the holidays, and I'm a big fan of Christmas in SL.

My suggestion to pre-fab(ulous) home designers is... Holiday add-on packs. For instance garland, Christmas lights, wreaths, etc. for exterior decorating this holiday season. Not only Christmas but other holidays as well. As I was going through my "seasonal folder" I realized a lot of my previously used Christmas deco is no mod, which really sucks. Barnes made a beautiful curved roof on the Belle Aire and I have yet to find hanging garland with nice lights that will curve along it. Plus the wreath I threw up there truly does suck. Anywho, if Barnes takes me up on this challenge, I'll be one happier girl. Go Barnes! Do it! Pretty please with potatoes?

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Milla Michinaga said...

I second that! I also have the Belle Air (and I'm soooo in love with it) and would love some classy Barnesworth decorations for it. :)