Monday, November 12, 2007

Tiny Empires - Final Vote

I received numerous IMs today about people wanting to change their votes. Well the poll wasn't set up that way. So instead here are the top two - Vote away. This decision will be final, so think about it before you click... I will close voting on Wednesday. Kisses Poppets!
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Xara C. said...

Well, if i'm honest, I wouldn't vote for either of those names, so i'm not going to, sorry:/ I'd stick with the Madison line rather than have either of those *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yay! Princess of candyland sounds great

Silent Sonnet said...

While I know we have several women who play SL and our probably in the Madison line. As a DUDE, my voice is probably hidden in the masses...but in any case, Mayhapsibly, I dunno what that is, but I'd vote for it so I'm not Prince Jon Desmoulins of Candyland. *sigh* reminds me of basic training.

That's just my two cents. However, out of respect for Jelly, I'll wear whatever. At the end of the day, I'm still the royal pain-in-the-ass. :)

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

mayhapsibly - maybe, perhaps, possibly. If you've been around me enough, you know this is a word I say often. It sounds positive & upbeat. Like anything is possible. Neither feminine or masculine, it just is.

Gillian Waldman said...

candyland is not at all Jelly-like. The choice is clear.

Anonymous said...

I think Candyland is alot better than a word that only a handful of people understand. As far as Chelle's comments in group chat yesterday that everyone "should take the time to get to know Jellybean better and realize mayhapsibly is her word"...I feel that is a childish statement by a 34 year old woman. Has Jelly taken the time to get to know any of us? She is on her way up the standings in TE due to all of us, not the 5 or so people she is close friends with in her line. Blog about this, "mean girl".

Chelle Moore said...

Um, May I just say, I'm only 32!


Dreamer said...

Nice work "anonymous" .. I've seen your posts everywhere btw, rarely do you have anything positive to say. :-)
Several blunted points, from an interested onlooker ..
- I wasn't in the group IM to which you refer but I'll go out on a family tree limb far enough to say that you didn't make this type of "statement" in a live environment where you could be rightly challenged [correct me if I'm wrong];
- everybody has busy RL + SL .. Jell even moreso .. to suggest, as you do, that she should take the time to get to know many/all/more of her [i gave up counting how many] subjects than she already does, implies that you think as someone with "no life";
- anybody with a half decent grasp of the English language can figure out what "mayhapsibly" means, I don't believe I've met anyone yet who needed it explained to them;
- + finally [+ most importantly I believe] TE is JUST A GAME!!!!

<3 you mostest my Princess Sunshine .. long may you reign over your happy subjects as our most prettiful + mayhapsibly fairest Queen!! :D ♥