Sunday, November 11, 2007

What does your *SL* profile say about you?

This post will be a clusterfook, bear with me as I ramble on...

So I had a convo with a guy friend of mine that I use to be really close to who told me that he had recently been dumped to my surprise. I didn't even know he was seeing anyone. His profile never reflected a change in relationship status. I don't mean "partner box", I mean in general. I'm a girl that needs some sort of affirmation, kinda like "claim me on your profile somewhere, say you are with me, piss on my leg, lick me, something!" Now I *use* to be a big profile troll. I was spending a lot of time in SL and during boring or slow moments, I'd find myself looking up friends or random people and just reading their profiles. In a virtual world, I believe info on profiles is very important and can sometimes give you that first impression of someone. Oh yah, sometimes I come off like profile police rofl. So I got to thinking - What do you think your profile says about you? What first impression is your profile giving to others?

Mine says:
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But It Will Be Blogged!
It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems with just potatoes. I drink Mountain Dew upside down.
This ♥ taken by HawksRock Gunawan May 5 2007
Poetry in Motion - Married on June 13 2007
Proud Mean Girl -

I would like to think that this sums me up pretty well as a lil bit random, a lil bit humorous, a Dew addict, a dedicated blogger, and a devoted partner. In any sense, it says I'm not available but open to friends, right? Gosh, I hope so. :)

Anywho, I am curious... Look at yours & tell me what impression you think you give?


Tenshi Vielle said...

You could tell me what you think of mine sometime :) What kind of impression do I give Jelly?? Hrmmmm...

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

JOMG! You have a pen0r Tenshi?!! *shocked* Haha... It doesn't say much besides you are a blogger & some randomness

Cierra Theriac said...

I just looked at mine. I thought it was just short and sweet, and don't ask me to go have sex. Flynn thinks that it says Hand off! Go away! to everyone.

"Usually found on the beach and waves at La Bahia on Holmfrid, in my studio, or shopping :p

My SL-self and my RL-self have the same soul. I don't play games, what you see is what you get. Devoted to Flynn Sheridan, heart, body, and soul, in RL and SL."

Geez, if I really do come off as standoffish, I want to fix that.

Alysha Rennahan said...

Hmmmm...very good thinking question. Let me see....

I think I come across very friendly. you have me stressing!!!


Mister Crap said...

Hrm... checking...


-ls aka Crap Mariner

alexx markova said...

mmmh looking at mine i state why i'm in second life and also depending on how you see things you could see me as friendly or mean. either way you'Re warned.

i guess i should ask my friends what they think of my profile.

Anonymous said...

I recently added all of my friends shops to "my picks" and a way to show support and love. However, I don't really add people there as some do. I am a bit more private than that.

What do you think?
Casius Masala