Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sometimes you're the fly - Sometimes you're the windshield...

/emo on
This week I feel like the fly. Most def, it's only Tuesday & both my lives have been off axis. In my first-life I struggle daily to figure out what people want from me "today", turns out I keep getting that wrong. I still keep trying though. Same shit, different day. I have scheduled appointments up the whowho for the rest of December. All for the greater good, but nonetheless annoying me.

In my Second-life, I feel like an outsider now in crowds I use to frequent. No fault of anyones, it's just my stupid schedule from my stupid boss that prevents me from shit I use to do regularly. I miss DJ'n with Hawks, I miss Anti-Mondays, and I miss saying "Yup! I'll be there." It's all I can do to just show up once a day, let alone all day long. [Thank you Dreamer + Sally for scheduling way out in the distance - I *will* be there]. :D Hopefully things will get better soon, I mean they really cannot get much worse.

/emo off

So anyroo... Hawks & I have been busy busy busy working on contracted vids & so on. In the meantime, we did get a chance to explore some great sims. I think at least once I week, I search the big map to see what Rezzable sims I can teleport too. The two latest finds are:

Crimson Shadow - a luscious area - worth dying for. Presented by Rezzable - vampires goths goth clothes demons RP designer wear jewelry eyes club djs events freebies family [not so sure about the family part but it's very cool & gothy]

Carnival of Doom - Last Ride of Your Life. Ebuddy, presented by Rezzable. Wander the cornfields, enter at your own risk, rides, games, blood, horror, fun, souvenirs, amusement. [This is where we shot SpookShow] WindLight users be sure to set your preset sky [advanced sky] to Gelatto & preset water [advanced water] to pond or glassy. Also be sure to wear your Carnival Hud. Chances are you *will* die, but it's okay, hell ain't so bad.

Okay I'm off to another doc appt. Be back soonish. Mwah!


Cierra Theriac said...

Ahhh *hugs* If you find yourself at odd ends IM me. There is nothing I do in SL that I wouldn't drop in a heartbeat to go play.

Alexx Markova said...

*gives you a big hug!* if you need a ear to talk to you know i'm always there ^^ we can even make some wacky poses for fun ^^

xlent1 said...

hey thanks for checkin our areas!

We have a shortlist at

Stratos is new one! Brrr...